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Braves Field
672 Dugald Rd, Winnipeg , MB, CA        
Charleswood Park
7050 Wilkes Ave, Winnipeg, MB, CA        
Koskie Field
408 Chalmers ave, Winnipeg , MB, CA        
Vince Leah Field
1295 Salter, Winnipeg, MB, CA        
Whittier Park
836 Rue Saint Joseph, Winnipeg, MB, CA        

Recent Results
Tue Jul 17/18 7:30pm:
Boni-Vital Brewers 0
St James As 16
Sun Jul 15/18 7:00pm:
Springfield Sr Braves 9
Boni-Vital Brewers 0
Thu Jul 12/18 7:00pm:
Stonewall Blue Jays 8
Boni-Vital Brewers 1

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