2018 District 25-5A All District Team

Posted May 1, 2018

2018 District 25-5A All District Team

District 25-5A All District Team 

District MVP: Izzy Gillespie-12th McCallum 

Co-Offensive MVP: Mia Czarnecki-11th Austin & Cindy Moreno-12th Lanier 

Defensive MVP: Anna Poterek -12th-LBJ 

MVP Keeper- Sophia Takvorean-10th LBJ 

Co- Newcomer of the Year: Rut Cacique-9th-Ann Richards & Alize Dixon-10th -Crockett 

Golden Boot: Mia Czarnecki-11th Austin 

Golden Glove: Sophia Takvorean-10th-LBJ 

Coach of the Year: Kyle Olson-Reagan

First Team All- District 

Jasper Cohn-11th-Austin 

Gracie Jackson-11th- Austin 

Claire Peterman-12th-Austin 

Stephanie von Rosenberg-10th-Austin 

Delaney Carter-11th-McCallum 

Karen Esparza-10th-McCallum 

Lindsey Plotkin-9th-McCallum 

Anissa Cantu-10th-LBJ 

Isabel Cartwright-11th-LBJ 

Emily Gonzalez-10th-Crockett 

Isabel Ramos-11th-Crockett 

Sophie Ward-11th-Ann Richards 

Maria Salgado-12th-Lanier 

Julissa Dominguez-11th-Reagan 

Celeste Medellin-10th-Travis


Second Team All-District 

Jena Carr-12th-Austin 

Chandler Cohn-9th-Austin 

Maddie Heal-12th-Austin 

Hally Saser-11th-Austin 

Molly Blankenship-12th-McCallum 

Gillian Rashid-11th-McCallum 

Ellie Stites-11th-McCallum 

Jaedin Sosa-10th-LBJ 

Oasis Aguayo-9th-LBJ 

Aleah Haight-11th LBJ 

Jessica Acosta-11th-Crockett 

Jillian Gonzales-10th-Crockett 

Emmaline Jeansonne-12th-Ann Richards 

Diana Ramirez-11th-Lanier 

Madeline Quiroz-12th-Reagan 

Daniela Neane y Neave-12th-Travis 


Honorable Mention 

Sarah Jane Moe-11th-Austin 

Chloe Norris-10th-Austin 

Cate Waggoner-10th-Austin 

Jay Dotson-12th-McCallum 

Angie Gonzalez-12th-McCallum 

Daisy Ricario-12th-McCallum 

Anna Frey-11th-LBJ 

Samantha Gonzales-10th-LBJ 

Whitney Waldinger-10th-LBJ 

Lourdes Contreras-10th-Crockett 

Chelsea Kelley-12th-Crockett 

Ginette Morgan-11th-Crockett 

Olivia Griesmer-11th-Ann Richards 

Araceli Rodriguez-12th-Ann Richards 

Carmen Whitten-12th-Ann Richards 

Grace Bennie-11th-Lanier 

Evelyn Castro-10th-Lanier 

Leslie Salinas-9th-Lanier 

Vanessa Jaimes-10th-Reagan 

Luz Mora-12th-Reagan 

Ashley Rauda-11th-Reagan 

Lupita Herrera-10th-Travis 

Brissa Solis-10th-Travis 

Tamara Ventura-10th –Travis 

Lourdes Contreras-10th-Travis






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2018 District 25-5A All District Team

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2019 Team Photos
2019 Team Photos
2019 Team Photos
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