# Name  POS GRAD Photo
16 Annika Bloomquist Midfield Seni
14 Nereida Bustos Forward Juni
5 Chandler Cohn Midfield Soph
6 Jasper Cohn Defense Seni
7 Mia Czarnecki Midfield Seni
19 Audrey Davis Defense Soph
20 Erica Erskine Midfield Juni
17 Brianna Garcia Midfield Juni
12 Cyrae Huerta Defense Juni
13 Gracie Jackson Forward Seni
1 Maya Levee Forward Seni
21 Sarah Jane Moe Defense Seni
0 Naya Mueller Keeper Fres
18 Brooke Peterman Defense Juni
4 Taylor Russell Midfield Juni
8 Hally Sasser Midfield Seni
2 Maddie Shneidman Midfield Fres
11 Olivia Spedale Midfield Juni
99 Lena Tongate Keeper Juni
3 Stephanie von Rosenberg Forward Juni
10 Cate Waggoner Midfield Juni


Name  POS Hometown Photo
Holly Carlton Varsity Coach Austin, TX  
Elizabeth Clausen JV Maroon Coach Overland Park, KS  
Aly McAllister JV White Coach Austin, TX  


Gracie Jackson named to TASCO All-Region Team

May 03, 2019   read more

Mia Czarneki named to TASCO All-Region Team

May 03, 2019   read more

Jasper named to TASCO All Region Team

May 03, 2019   read more

2019 District Awards

May 03, 2019   read more

2019 Strength and Conditioning Camp

May 09, 2017   read more

Maroons Advance to Bi-Distrcit Playoffs

March 26, 2019   read more
2019 Team Photos
2019 Team Photos
2019 Team Photos
2019 Team Photos
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Fri Mar 29/19 6:00pm: (2019 Varsity)
New Braunsfels Canyon -
Austin Varsity -
Thu Mar 14/19 7:45pm: (2019 Varsity)
Ann Richards 1
Austin Varsity 7
Thu Mar 14/19 6:00pm: (2019 JV Maroon)
Ann Richards -
Austin -
Mon Mar 11/19 4:30pm: (2019 JV White)
Ausitn -
Crockett JVB -
Sat Mar 9/19 12:30pm: (2019 JV White)
Akins -
Austin -
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