Braves stun Yankees in Games 3 and 4 58 WS

Posted November 24, 2019

Braves stun Yankees in Games 3 and 4 58 WS

Whoever thought the Yankees would win this in 4 have been stunned by them losing the last 3 games to the Braves including two dominant performances in Games 3 and 4. Yankees staff felt that the cards were stacked firmly against them in these two games with every decision going the Braves way. But the Braves had no need to trust to the winds of fate, not when they had a Pitching staff that includes Bird Cage Lew Burdette. He gave up 8 hits over 9 but most of these were singles and only once did he allow a Yankee to reach 3rd base which led to their solitary run. Game 4 was more of the same with the Braves pitching nullifying the Yankees hitters. Special mention should be made here of Juant Pizarro. The lefty middle reliever has pitched 5.1 innings giving up only 1 hit and no runs. Againts this Yankees team that is no mean feat. This was the first time all season the team from NY have lost 3 straight. To win the World Series they now have to inflict the same punishment on the Braves, who have not lost three straight either and 2 of those games would be in fortress Milwaukee. The Yankees flame is not doused yet but it is spluttering.


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