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Patrick Old Head Soccer Coach 
Darrell Jimerson Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach 
Jason Trahan JV Red Soccer Coach 
Kendall Elrlich JV BlueSoccer Coach 

Player of the week (Jan 11/20)

Thai Nguyen

Thai brought a strong energy to the team throughout the Ranger Classic and scored a key goal to bring home a tie vs. New Braunfels. He also scored in the 4-2 win over Tivy.

This week Scoring

20200214 Varsity vs Hastings
20190201 DHS v Pearland High
20170308 JV Blue v Taylor
2018 Feb 20 Varisty v George Ranch
20170221 JV Red v George Ranch
2018 Feb 9 Varsity v Taylor
20170221 JV Red v George Ranch
20200120 Varsity vs Clear Springs
20200124 Varsity vs Deer Park
20200214 JV Blue vs Hastings
Upcoming Games
Thu Dec 10/20 9:30am:
Dawson -
Kerville Tivy -
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Tue Mar 17/20 7:30pm:
Elsik -
Dawson -
Tue Mar 17/20 7:30pm: (2020 Varsity)
Elsik -
Dawson -

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