EL PASO UPDATE-3 / 5 Jan 2018 

Hotel information has been update below, Team Hotel in EL Paso has been changed to the Marriott Court Yard, address and phone # are below:
TRANSPORTATION: To EL Paso, Tx  will be provided by the school district, 15 passenger vans (2) driven by the coaches
11 JAN-- The team will depart KHS and stay the night in Fredericksburg Tx, and then proceed onto El Paso on 12 Jan hotel address in Fredericksburg is below:
             Sunet Inn 
             900 S. Adams St
             Fredericksburg Tx 
              830 997 9581
12 JAN-- The team will be staying at the Court Yard in El Paso for the tournament, this hotels provides breakfast, address is below:
           Court Yard by Marriott
           12065 Gateway Blvd W, 
           El Paso TX
           915 859 3336
13 JAN--The team will depart El Paso at the conclusion of the tournament and travel to Fort Stockton and stay at Executive Inns, address is below, They will  then depart the following the morning (14 Jan) to KHS.
            Executive Inn
            901 E. Dickinson Blvd
            Fort Stockton Tx 79735 
            432 336 2251
HOTELS: Paid for by the school and Booster Club
MEALS:  Athletes will need to cover the cost of their meals, please ensure they have sufficient funds.
***********Note on day of the tournament the  booster club will provide lunch and dinner for the team.