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Congratulations to our placers at the 1st Annual Gator Roll tournament at Klein Oak




Marco Esparza placed 1st

Henry Gott placed 1st
Colin Clark placed 1st
Xavier Diaz  placed 1st
Nicholas Moran placed 2nd
Eli Sheeren placed 2nd
Bryce Miller  placed 3rd
Gregory Estes placed 3rd
Nicholas Bayliss  placed 3rd
Ben Brown placed 3rd
Jonathon Lane placed 4th


Youssef Abdulla placed 2nd
Johnathon Ward placed 2nd
Giovanni Martinez placed 2nd
Nicholas Moran placed 2nd
Tarrick Hill placed 4th
Ian Bolmey placed 4th


Dovie Smith placed 3rd
Cora Sek placed 3rd
Whitney Franco placed 3rd



24-2 Boys Varsity Dual record


Congrats to our placers at the CFISD Invitational

Xochitl Mota-Pettis - 1st place @ 128

Eli Sheeren - 2nd place @ 170

Ben Brown - 3rd place @ 182

Colin Clark - 2nd place @ 195

Xavier Diaz - 2nd place @ 220


24-1 Varsity Boys season record


Congrats to our Varsity Boys who placed second at the Houston Duals and improved their dual record to 22-1, only falling to Katy HS!



The team wrestled hard at Cy Woods on Thursday coming away with 2 wins for the boys and 2 losses for the girls (11-5).  Up next this weekend is Houston Duals where our Varsity Boys team is the #1 seed with a dual record of 18-0!

The Dec. 6th tri meet improved our season record to 16-0 for Varsity Boys and 11-3 for Varsity Girls!!  Keep up the hard work!

Impressive victories by our Varsity Boys and Girls teams this weekend at Big Horn Duals!!  Our girls placed second while our boys went undefeated, placing first!!

Varsity Boys are 4 - 0 on the season, picking up 2 wins at the Thanksgiving tri-meet with Klein Forest and St. John's!  Up this weekend is the 5th annual Big Horn Duals Varsity tournament at Mayde Creek High School!

Congrats to all our wrestlers on last nights duals!! 

Both boys and girls are 2-0 on the season!!

Varsity Boys 

Klein 66 - CyCreek 11

Klein 50 - CyRanch 24

Varsity Girls

Klein 42 - CyCreek 6

Klein 30 - CyRanch 18

Thanks to the Klein ISD Police Department, Klein Fire Department and everyone who came out to work and support our Car Wash Fundraiser 2018!




120 6th Place - Uriah Tinajero

138 5th Place - Hunter Rinehart

145 3rd Place - Christopher Walker/State Qualifier

160 4th Place - Kyle Colie/State Qualifier

170 3rd Place - Eli Sheeren/State Qualifier

182 3rd Place - Colin Clark/State Qualifier

220 4th Place - Xavier Diaz/State Qualifier


GIRLS VARSITY 16th PLACE (30 Points)

128 1st Place - Xochitl Mota-Pettis/State Qualifier/Defending State Champion 





106 4th Place - Nicholas Korpan

120 2nd Place - Uriah Tinajero

126 2nd Place - Marco Esparza

138 1st Place - Hunter Rinehart

145 1st Place - Christopher Walker

152 4th Place - Henry Gott

160 2nd Place - Kyle Colie

170 1st Place - Eli Sheeren

182 2nd Place - Colin Clark

195 2nd Place - Ben Brown

220 2nd Place - Xavier Diaz

285 4th Place - Himal Rana



102 4th Place - Dovie Smith

110 3rd Place - Cora Sek

119 2nd Place - Whitney Franco

128 1st Place - Xochitl Mota-Pettis

185 4th Place - Tianna McDaniel 


Klein Collins Tiger Classic Invitational

Varsity Boys 3rd Place overall (202 pts)

1st Place - Hunter Rinehart 138 Lbs

2nd Place - Baylee Walker 145 Lbs

2nd Place - Kyle Colie 160 Lbs

3rd Place - Eli Sheeren 170 Lbs

3rd Place - Ben Brown 195 Lbs

3rd Place - Xavier Diaz 220 Lbs

5th Place - Uriah Tinajero 120 Lbs


Varsity Girls 7th Place (99 pts)

1st Place - Xochitl Mota-Pettis 128 Lbs

4th Place - Cora Sek 110 Lbs

4th Place - Belle Conkling 165 Lbs

6th Place - Dovie Smith 102 Lbs


KLEIN Boys JV 3rd Place (111 pts)

1st place Arat Aguirre (195)

2nd place Hadrian Harden (195)  

2nd place Devon Cluff (220)  

3rd place Jonathan Lane (126)  

3rd place Michael Modiri (170) 

4th place Lakshya Dhiman (160)  



Boys Varsity Places 3rd out of 84 Teams

CFISD Individual Male Results:

Marco Esparza/126 6th Place 

Hunter Rinehart/138  4th Place

Baylee Walker/145 5th Place

Eli Sheeran/170 4th Place

Colin Clark/182 5th Place 


Houston Dual results

Varsity Boys 2nd Place

Mayde Creek Big Horn Duals Results

Varsity Boy 1st Place

Annual Cy Ridge Classic 2017 Results


Team Results:

Varsity Male 2nd place with 207 pts 

Varsity Female 5th place with 98 pts


Individual Female Results 


1st Place - Xochitl Mota-Pettis 128 lbs

2nd Place - Belle Conkling 165 lbs

6th Place - Cora Sek 110 lbs

6th Place - Whitney Fanco 119 lbs

Individual Male Results 


1st Place - Hunter Rinehart 145 lbs

2nd Place - Baylee Walker 152 lbs

2nd Place - Colin Clark 182 lbs

2nd Place - Xavier Diaz 220 lbs

3rd Place - Eli Sheeren 170 lbs

5th Place - Marco Esparza  132 lbs

5th Place - Ben Brown 195 lbs