Blue Jay Stadium
408 2nd St NW, Plato, MN, US        
Bruins Field
3rd St S, Brownton, MN, US        
Carver Field
6th St W, Carver, MN, US        
Denis Campbell Field
Andy Ave W, Winsted, MN, US        
Hawk Field
100 Sophia Ave, Hamburg, MN, US        
Irish Yard
HWY 25, Green Isle, MN, US        
Robert G. Fritz Memorial Field
301 W Playhouse St, Cologne, MN, US        
Vollmer Field
Desoto Ave S, Glencoe, MN, US        
Wilkommen Field
1 1st Ave NW, Young America, MN, US        
Zellmann Field
417 West Elm St., Norwood, MN, US        

  • Welcome to the home of the Indians!!!
Upcoming Games

There are no upcoming games to display.


Countdown to
Season opener @ Winsted Wildcats.

(May 1, 2016 @ 2:00pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!

Recent Results
Sun Jul 26/15 2:00pm:
Cologne -
Norwood -
Wed Jul 22/15 7:30pm:
Plato Bluejays -
Mayer Blazers -
Tue Jul 21/15 7:30pm:
Carver -
Norwood -

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