Name Position Phone Email
Norm Loehr League Chair  306-596-1661, 306-543-1811 Park 
Rod Palanuik League President 
Warren Pielak League Web/Communications 
Jerry Sexsmith Regina Pirates Coach  306-529-1978 
Larry Sexsmith Regina Pirates Coach  306-536-0570 
Brent Metz Regina Angels Coach  306 584 9060 
Bruce Hesselink Regina Angels Coach  306-790-8825 
Bert Kauf Regina Reds Coach  306-861-5978 
Calvin Toffan Regina Reds Coach  306-550-5728 
Todd Davis Regina Devils Coach  306-536-9401 
Brad Bells Regina Devils Asst Coach     
Kevin Smith Moose Jaw Regals Coach  306-631-7372 
Kevin Wilson Moose Jaw Regals Asst Coach 
Brian Trollope WEB Saltcoats Lakers  783-2089 H 641-7844 C 

Age Extended for Regina Optimist Junior League and Coaches Required!!!

March 27, 2019   read more

2019 Baseball Canada Cup, Regina, Aug 7 -11

March 08, 2019   read more

Happy New Year !!!

January 01, 2019   read more

Optimist Park, Field undergoes major renovations!

August 20, 2018   read more

2018 Regina Optimist Jr League Champions, Regina Devils! Congratulations!

August 06, 2018   read more

Regina Reds Win 2018 Jr Provincial Tournament!

July 31, 2018   read more


Regina Devils181620.889-
Regina Reds191270.6324.5
Regina Pirates177100.4128.5
Moose Jaw Regals166100.3759.0
Regina Angels204160.20013.0

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