Maxwell Lady Flyers are the 2018 SEMAC Tournament Champions

Posted February 28, 2018

Maxwell Lady Flyers are the 2018 SEMAC Tournament Champions

Congratulations to Coach Gess and the Maxwell Lady Flyers on winning the

2018 SEMAC

Women's Post Season Basketball Tournament and to the runners-up Robins Lady



Special thanks to Mr. Kenny Porter, Tournament Dir, Mr. Eddie Goad, Asst

Fitness Center Dir, and Mr. John Enterman, Fitness & Sports Manager, and

Team Robins for putting on an outstanding tournament .


Maxwell Lady Flyers are the 2018 SEMAC Tournament Champions

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  • Welcome to the home of the Southeast Military Athletic Conference
  • The season is set to start 11 October 2014 with four games.

Countdown to
2016/2017 season to tip-off

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