OMG, it's deja vu all over again as Burnaby catapults into Provincials with 7 - 0 Forfeit WIN?

Posted July 5, 2016

OMG, it's deja vu all over again as Burnaby catapults into Provincials with 7 - 0 Forfeit WIN?


The crowd was stunned, the players were stunned, and the whole place erupted as White Rock players hurled obscenities at the Burnaby bench.  Parents from both teams started jawing at each from each side of the field.  White Rock saw a 6-0 lead flip into a  7-0 defeat in a matter of seconds and once again both teams ended up leaving the field early; this time after one pitch in the bottom of the 7th inning. The boxscore in this one will read (29 for 34) = (7-0 forfeit). 

White Rock was home and cooled after 6 complete innings with their pitcher #29 Freres in full command and cruising in this game.  In the top of the 7th the White Rock manager Broatch removed #29 Freres for #34 for a pinch hit.  A totally legal move.  But in the bottom of the 7th #29 Freres re-entered the game for #34 and #29 Freres went back on to the mound to pitch.  After one pitch in the bottom of the 7th Burnaby manager Williams informed the umpire that Freres was ineligible to pitch after being removed for a pinch hitter and going back to the mound.

According to the BC Minor rule book a coach is ejected for playing an ineligible player and since Broatch was the only coach on the White Rock lineup the White Rock team had to forfeit since they now did not have a coach. Ironically this all happened one inning after Burnaby manager Williams handed BC Minor Director Mike Kelly an envelope with the $100.00 appeal fee from the protest that was denied from the first forteit that happened in this game.  Were the baseball gods watching?

Unfortunately this was Broatch's 3rd ejection of the year which would carry an automatic 5 game suspension according to the BC Minor rule book.

Unlike the first time when everyone left this game after the first inning, this time there is clarity that the umpire ruled Burnaby won in a forfeit, and the White Rock coach was ejected for using an ineligible player.

At the end of all this, Vancouver Minor coach Luke Yam whose team had a key interest in the outcome of this game was left standing, wondering, "what the heck just happened?" 

We were all wondering that but then again, will this game be ruled a forfeit or will it once again be overturned?

Stay tuned for what might be considered a season ending episode of the "Twilight Zone".........................  

  • Welcome to the home of the Tri City Indians Bantam AAA Baseball Club
  • The Bantam AAA Division: 17 teams down to 10 for Provincials
  • BC Minor Provincials rankings set; Indians are in as the 9th seed
  • Indians fall short at Baseball BC Provincials.
  • Coquitlams Reds Prep qualify for Westerns then snub their nose at Baseball BC by refusing to go!

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