page1image1826912 TOURNAMENT RULES

  All games will be 6 complete innings.

  Maximum of 5 runs per inning except in the last inning in which 3 outs must be made.

  Please record your exact score but no team can win by more than 10 runs.

  A team does not continue batting once they are ahead by 10 runs after five and a half innings

  •   Top two teams in each pool will be determined by:

    • Win-Loss-Tie record (Win = 3pts.; Tie = 1 pt.; Loss = 0 pts)

    • If teams have the same record we will determine winners in this order:

      1. Win-Loss between those teams
      2. Actual score plus-minus differential i.e. 15-8 is plus 7 3. Total runs allowed
      4. Total runs scored
      5. Still Tied, coin toss

    • Teams are to ump their own games.

  •  Rain outs will be determined prior to the start of games by League Executives.

  • Games completely rained out – both teams given a tie.

  • If after a game has started and rain makes it unplayable, then a decision must me made by both teams’ captains as to whether the game continues or not. PLAYER SAFETY, AND FUN


  •  Any game called at less than 3 complete innings – both teams given a tie.

  •  After 3 complete innings or any completed innings thereafter, should the game be rained out, it will be considered a complete game. The score at the time is the official score to be recorded.

  •  In the event that one team has played an additional game the last extra game of that day will be removed.

  •  If you do not field the necessary number of players without borrowing from your opposition, play the game anyway. You may borrow from teams with a BYE.

    Please provide Chili with your scores immediately after each game at the beer gardens or via text through the WhatsApp group chat.

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2017 WindUp Banquet
2019 Photos
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