if you To Share Your Pictures and/or Videos with me, it would be so helpful if you could have the following done on your end...


  1. crop your pictures (to optimize the subject)
  2. resize your pictures to under 1MB per image please (I like the free Photoscape program)
  3. collage your images (if you want, not necessary)
  4. if you are emailing them to me, please use a photo-sharing site, so my email isn't overloaded.
  5. otherwise, I welcome your memory sticks. I will return memory sticks within 48hours, I Cannot work with DVDs at all 



  1. re-name your videos to represent your team and/or player (ie. Hookers_Scott1.mp4)
  2. convert your video to one that I can work with. I CANNOT use .wmv videos. So, please use an online and free conversion program (www.zamzar.com) and convert to either .mov or .mp4 the program will email you the converted videos. Collect  the videos 'en masse' and give to me on a memory stick.
  3. If you want a certain song, please download and add to your memory stick as well ;) 


Thanks so much,


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2017 Fall Tournament
2017 WindUp Banquet
2017 WindUp Banquet
2017 Fall Tournament
2017 Fall Tournament
2017 Fall Tournament
2017 Fall Tournament
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2017 Fall Tournament

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