First Name Last Name        Year Retired  Positions  Most Remembered For                                                                                                                  
 Steve  Robson  2011  1B  Beating down randoms at the bar
 Aaron  Cowley  2011  SS/CF  Being friends with the most ripped chick of all time
 Felipe  Evans  2009  3B/P  Never paying fees/Never driving to a game
 Jermaine  Ricketts  2011  1B/DH  Biggest weight gain during dbacks career
 Gavin  Wolch  2011  C/1B  Never hitting a ball to the outfield...EVER
 Nolan  Hornett  2010  C/OF  
 Jay  McConnell  2010  P  Most unearned runs allowed in Dbacks history
 Darryl  Krystalovich  2010  P  Being Hurt.....Every year
 Shawn  Hubbard  2011  3B  Showing up for 1 game in his career
 Damon  Marez  2007  IF  Being invited back just to get the jersey
 Darren  Boyd  2007  3B/OF  
 Conner  Hodgins  2011  P  Buying the team uniforms then switching teams the same year
 Shawn  MacLachlan  2010  3B  Failing to hold Steve back as he was beating down randoms at the bar
 Martin  Szomolanyi    OF  
 Ryan  Hodges  2007  UTL  Shortest player in team history
 Sergio  Juarez  2011  IF  Being confused with his brother
 Rodrigo  Juarez  2011  C/IF  Being Mexican
 Steve  Ulseth  2011  P  Hitting 7 guys in 1 game and being pulled before the end of the 2nd
 Clayton  Laughren  2011  P  7 consecutive walks and a mean Bill Cosby
 Jorge  Tang  2009  3B  Being the best player in FMBA history
 Brent  Wandler  2010  SS/C  Highest AVG in a season and quitting on the team
 Eric  Cepuran  2009  OF  Being a speedskater for the USA olympic team
 Alex  Wihak  2008  OF  Worst OF fielding % in team history
 Jason  Knox    UTL  Starting the Dbacks
 Darren  Knox    UTL  Starting the Dbacks
 Marc  Rapin  2010  OF  Mentioning his softball career highlights
 Keith  Bishop  2009  P/3B  Being a little bitch
 Kellen  Foreman  2010  2B  Most injuries played through
 Galen  Aker    C  Largest ass to rest of body ratio in league history
 Cam  Colquhoun  2012  P  Largest pitching glove of all time(some say it was 23 inches)
 Jesse  Osarchuk  2012  UTL  Career .000 Batting Avg
 Skrvet  Daramola  2012  OF  Fielding fly balls as if he were swatting flies.  Worst player EVER!!!!
 Rhett  Larsen  2012  IF  Throwing drunken bullpens trying to impress the coaches and getting hurt.
 Lance  Allison  2012  OF  Creating LA disease. (Not technically a feat with the Dbacks)
 Kris  Gira  2012  OF  Giving up the largest home run since Mantle was in Briggs Stadium.
 Jason  Landon  2012  UTL  Wife sending emails to managment complaining about playing time.
 Kyle  Mcrae  2012  OF  Being brought in to throw one bean ball and throwing three. Just to spice it up.
 Mike  Warnick  2012  OF  Being scared to throw bean balls.  
 Geoff  Freeborn  2012  DH  Batting after Lance.  ALWAYS after Lance. Oh and being hurt 90% of the time.
 Alex  Viellenuve  2012  IF  Being thrown off the Mets for being a cop.
 Jeremy  Johnson  2012  UTL  Nicest guy in team history.
 Matt  Johnson  2012  P  Wife beaters and flat brims.
 Dustin  Phillips  2012  3B  Trying to convince people he was drafted and played at WSU.
 Fabrico  Montoya  2012  SS  Confusing people with how he is not Mexican.

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