No FMBA Baseball in 2020. We're done for the year.

  Posted April 25, 2020

Sucks bad, but it is what it is.  We miss the game, the fellas and the competition.  Can't wait until next year!...

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No Baseball Until July 1st at the EARLIEST.

  Posted April 17, 2020


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League All-Stars

  Posted September 08, 2019


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Next year!

  Posted September 08, 2019

Been a while...but long story short, we had no pitching and couldn’t play we kinda sucked!  As crappy as this year went, can’t help but be pumped for next, the beauty of baseball I suppose...there’s always next year!...

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Salvage a Split

  Posted June 10, 2019

Great weather allowed the ballpark and the grounds crew the time to dry out in time to get Sunday afternoons double-dip Vs the Twins in, negating another sunny rainout.  We ran Regan out for the start in game 1 and he was solid for 4, throwing strikes, which was a welcome change...but was ...

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