The Giants Story:
The Giants began as an idea in the Summer of 2008.  After moving to Calgary and joining a poorly run and poorly performing FMBA baseball club that year, friends and Co-workers Christian Damgaard and Mike Mudry decided that enough was enough and floated the idea of a new FMBA Franchise.  The idea continued to be tossed around for over a year, through several possible team names, and through several former college teammates and minor baseball players a potential roster slowly took shape. The idea became a mission after a coincidental meeting with Jon Bourch and Sean Wilson, who were college buddies and teammates who had been casual partying/poker buddies with Christian back in Lethbridge.  Once they were aboard, it was full steam ahead.
The Giants were represented by Christian Damgaard and Wayne Kostiuk at the 2009 FMBA Fall AGM with a full roster of 18 names with varying experience, and though there was some resistance, the Giants were eventually awarded a spot as the 13th FMBA Franchise in the Late Winter of 2010 for the upcoming season.  Some within the league initially thought that a 13th franchise was too much for the league to sustain, but the choice to add the Giants proved to be the right one, as the Giants have become one of the most stable and consistently competitive teams in the league while three other franchises have folded and two have merged since that time.  The Giants were instantly competitive in the FMBA, but battled the kinds of inconsistency and commitment issues that are expected of a first year team.  Though success was inconsistent in year one, some key parts were in place, and it has been steady growth and improvement ever since.  As more and more former college teammates, summer collegiate teammates and/or former college opponents moved to or returned to the Calgary area, the roster steadily improved.
Franchise Firsts
Regular Season


Giants Franchise First Player  Date
Hit Cam Marchuk May 8, 2010
Single Cam Marchuk May 8, 2010
Double Shelby Guthrie May 8, 2010
Triple Mike Mudry July 11, 2010
Home Run Sean Wilson July 20, 2010
Grand Slam Kenny Falconer June 7, 2015
Run Murray Paetz May 8, 2010 
RBI Christian Damgaard May 8, 2010
Stolen Base Cam Marchuk May 8, 2010
Walk Joe Lerner May 8, 2010
HBP (Batter) Murray Paetz May 8, 2010
Sacrifice Steven Paetz June 20, 2010
Multi-hit Game Shelby Guthrie May 8, 2010
3 Hit Game Jon Boruch May 22, 2010
4 Hit Game Jon Boruch May 22, 2010
5 Hit Game Jon Boruch May 22, 2010
2 Run Game Wayne Kostiuk May 8, 2010
3 Run Game Christian Damgaard May 22, 2010
4 Run Game Jon Boruch July 2, 2011
5 Run Game Riki Enquist June 16, 2018
Hit for the Cycle Tyler Klippenstein June 27, 2015
2 Double Game Ryan Handley June 25, 2010
3 Double Game Brent Wandler  July 21, 2012
2 Home Run Game Jon Boruch July 27, 2013
Strikeout Steven Paetz May 8, 2010
Win Mike Higgins May 20, 2010
Save Mike Higgins May 25, 2010
Shutout Steven Paetz July 20, 2010
Complete Game Sean Wilson May 22, 2010
No Hitter Desmond Sullivan June 24, 2014
1-2-3 Inning Cam Marchuk May 8, 2010
3 Strikeout Inning Steven Paetz May 8, 2010
Strikeout the side Scott Olsen June 12, 2010
Start   Steven Paetz May 8, 2010
Relief Appearance Mike Higgins May 8, 2010
Double Play Sean Wilson May 12, 2010
Pick Off Steven Paetz August 7, 2010
Put Out Kostiuk-Marchuk (5-2) May 10, 2010
Fly Ball Out Christian Damgaard (F8) May 10, 2010
Double Play Paek-Boruch-Guthrie (4-6-3) May 12, 2010
Outfield Assist Scott Restoule (7-2) May 12, 2010
Caught Stealing Jon Boruch (2-6) May 12, 2010





Playoff Firsts
Offence  Player  Date 
Hit       Tyler Warner           August 20, 2011 
Single Tyler Warner  August 20, 2011 
Double Brent Wandler  August 25, 2012 
Triple Alex Ponich August 18, 2013
Home Run Kern Watts August 6, 2014
Run Jon Boruch  August 21, 2011 
RBI Mike Mudry  August 25, 2012 
HBP  Tyler Warner  August 20, 2011 
Walk Mike Mudry  August 20, 2011 
Stolen Base  Tyler Warner  August 20, 2011 
Sacrifice  Fraser Olsen  August 21, 2011 
Multi-Hit Game  Tyler Warner  August 20, 2011 
3 Hit Game Christian Damgaard  August 21, 2011 
4 Hit Game Curtis Beaudoin August 9, 2014
2 Double Game Brent Wandler August 17, 2013
2 Home Run Game Curtis Beaudoin July 31, 2017
Win Desmond Sullivan August 17, 2013
Strikeout  Fraser Olsen  August 20, 2011 
Strikeout the side Desmond Sullivan August 17, 2013
1-2-3 Inning  Ryan Handley  August 21, 2011 
3 Strikeout Inning   Ryan Handley  August 21, 2011 
Start  Fraser Olsen  August 20, 2011
Complete Game Fraser Olsen August 25, 2012 
Relief Appearance  Derek Temush August 20, 2011
Double Play Derek Temush August 21, 2011
No Hitter Desmond Sullivan August 9, 2015
Put Out  S.Wilson-A.Jose (6-4)  August 20, 2011 
Fly Ball Out  Michael Pohlod (F7)  August 20, 2011 
Double Play  F.Olsen-Burrows (5-3)  August 21, 2011 
Caught Stealing Kyle Cooper (2-4) August 25, 2012


2016 AA Provincial Champion Roster

Back Row (L-R): Matt Bannister, Kenny Falconer, Curtis Beaudoin, Marc Wilson, Richard Smythe, Alex Ponich, Andrew Hutchings, Alex Havers, Fraser Olsen

Front Row (L-R): Trent Lyster, Desomond Sullivan, Mike Mudry, Christian Damgaard, Kern Watts, Justin Ganser, Drew Calanchie, Steven Latos


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