Epic Dubbsie over the Dbacks

  Posted May 26, 2017

We knew it was going to be a tough night going in with a makeshift lineup, and starting Kenny for the first time in our history as several pitchers are either out of the country or busy with work.  The Dbacks countered with the always good Jordan Wong, and he was excellent as usual.  The d...

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Back in the Win column

  Posted May 16, 2017

We got back in the win column with a solid effort against the Canadians last night, ending in a 10-1 victory.  It was a much closer game, as the Habs countered Banny with their ace, Cole McPhee.  Banny was dialed for all 6 of his innings, and their guy was good for most of his night, getti...

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Loss to the Gunz

  Posted May 16, 2017

We lost a tough one to the gunz back on thursday.  we made 6 goofy errors which combined with the gunz consistently putting the ball in play, lead to us being behind from the get-go.  Sully threw well, but an error, followed by a squibb, followed by a liner, followed by an error...not a go...

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Opening day Split

  Posted May 07, 2017

An absolutely awesome day weather-wise greeted us as we kicked off another FMBA regular seasaon against the Twins.  Unfortunately, a last minute cancellation by the umps left us without any umpires for today's action.  Thankfully, Marv was able to wrangle a couple umps from the Airdrie...

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  Posted May 05, 2017

Wow, the new baseball season is upon us!  It's been a pretty mild winter, with some guys practicing most weeks, and other not touching a ball or a bat...pretty standard prep leading into a season opener.  There's been some changes, with Kern phasing to part time, Dave out indefinit...

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