Posted August 25, 2016

Westerns is in the books, and it didn't play out quite how we'd have liked, but it was a great experience and something we can build off of for years to come.

Game 1 saw us take on an all-star team from the Border West League in southwest Manitoba.  The boys came out swinging, and threatened all game, but unfortunately, the clutch hit proved impossible to produce and we stranded 13...yes, 13 baserunners in this game leading to a very tough 3-0 loss.  Curtis Smith of the Wolfpack threw an awesome game, and frankly deserved better, but some days it just isn't meant to be!

Needless to say, there was a serious tone prior to game 2 which was a must win for us.  Blair Mulder of the Camrose Axemen took to the hill and spun an absolute beaut of a game against the Prince George Grays to the tune of a 7-1 win.  The bats were strong in this game, and though we still left several guys on base, the production was a very positive sign.  

Game 3 was against the host Cardinals of Cold Lake.   We lead the entire game, featuring a 3 run bomb off the bat of Chico of the Calgary Cardinals.  Sully was in rare form this day, absolutely dominating through 6.1 allowing 1 run and striking out a ton of guys.  Shane came in and faced a bit of a tough patch, but got the 2 huge outs he needed to get us through the trouble and the game with a 6-5 win.

Game 4 was essentially a Semi Final game against Saskatoon, with the winner booking a trip to the finals.  Latos was a force in this game and was virtually unhittable for most of it...unfortunately for him, we made 6 pretty goofy errors behind him, pushing across 4 unearned runs for the Diggers.  Down 4-3 in the 7th, we had runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out, but we couldn't push across the tying run...and that was that...enjoy the trip home.

Our pitchers came and made it happen, it just wasn't our weekend, simple as that.  We ended up with a 2-2 record and scored more runs than we allowed(again, the pitchers were outstanding).  It was a great time and we'd like to thank Brett Suchan of the Calgary Longhorns, Shane Black and Steve Clark of the Calgary Cardinals, Curtis Smith of the Calgary Wolfpack, Jordan Wong of the Calgary Diamondbacks and Blair Mulder of the Camrose Axemen for joining up for a hell of a good tournament, these guys are all complete studs on the field and absolute beauties off it.

Other highlights of the tourney were Kenny getting 'rapey' at the bar on Saturday night, Some extrememly old dude from saskatoon picking a verbal fight with CD in the Beer Gardens, losing the argument, then refusing to drop the subject, Ganser at the campfire (apparently he knows 80% of the lyrics to 80% of all songs from the 1980's, a fact for which he was immideately proven wrong), finding out that Imperial Park in Cold Lake is the #1 most dangerous park to be a spectator (at least 1 shattered orbital and tons of bruises), an absolutely amazing fly-over by an F18 during the opening ceremonies (see Beauds twitter feed), watching a game where the catcher got absolutely blown up twice...safe call both times (not sure we should have discussed that at the coaches meeting).  And tons of other stuff.

Big thanks also goes out to the boys from the Cold Lake Cardinals...they piled a ton of time and money into their ballpark and it showed...just a beautiful complex and venue to host.  The dressing rooms were a great touch, our bat boys were awesome, beer gardens were great...things were just done right.  Congrats fellas, very well done.  Also, Cold Lake is a really nice town with tons to do and pretty impressive recreation facilities...if it wasn't so far away, i'd go all the time!

We'd also like to thank the FMBA for helping us to add five guys from 4 other FMBA teams so we could field a team for the tourney, we are extremely proud to be members of the best league in the province. 

Back into playoff mode.


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