Posted May 5, 2017

Wow, the new baseball season is upon us!  It's been a pretty mild winter, with some guys practicing most weeks, and other not touching a ball or a bat...pretty standard prep leading into a season opener.  There's been some changes, with Kern phasing to part time, Dave out indefinitely with an injury, Jayde taking a year off to focus on being a 20 year old medical student, and Savvy "studying" at University in Aberdeen Scotland.  Taking their place, four noobs, Justin Hii, Logan Kachur, Trevor Bittner and Shawn Brand.  Justin is a young kid from T.O. that can really chuck the rock and swings a steady stick.  Logan is a veteran of the Saskatoon Smokin Guns program and has some previous FMBA experience, he'll be patrolling the OF this season.  Bittner is a Wily vet who hasn't played in several decades, but makes up for it in diving plays.  Brand is a kid vrom Victoria who used to pitch on the Island, but had transitioned to baseball masher after shoulder issues.  Welcome to all.  

Looking forward to another season of ball in the best league in the province.  Things get underway Saturday with a double-dip against the always scrappy Twins.


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