Opening day Split

Posted May 7, 2017

An absolutely awesome day weather-wise greeted us as we kicked off another FMBA regular seasaon against the Twins.  Unfortunately, a last minute cancellation by the umps left us without any umpires for today's action.  Thankfully, Marv was able to wrangle a couple umps from the Airdrie area who came in and did a good job for us in game 1...but they were only able to stay for the first game.  We'll get to that in a bit.

Game 1 saw Banny head out to the mound against a young buck for the Twins.  Both threw well, but Banny was unstoppable giving up a single hit, which was a weak spinner down the third baseline.  Their guy was also good, scattering hits and gettin out of trouble each time we got a couple guys on.  Banny went 5 and gave way to n00b Justin Hii.  All we knew about Hii coming in is that he threw heavy (no one wants to play catch with him) and that he had no idea where the ball was going in winter bully's. Hii put all that to rest going 2 innings, throwing bullets and giving up only one, weak spinner down the third baseline like Banny. Sully came in for an inning, pushing a 0-0 game into the bottom of the 8th, where Willy hit a walkoff liner to deep centre field.  Solid game that ended at 10:40, and allowed us to learn a new league rule that we are now required to wait until the scheduled gametime to begin the next game...this poilcy will hopefully be reviewed ASAP as it is completely stupid.

As we were winding up game 1...JB of the Dbacks offered to ump game 2...a nice gesture.  We decided to do it even though we burned our second started in game 1 as there was no planned secong game.  Oh well.  Game 2 we sucked, leaving the bases loaded twice, and playing very poor defence.  The story of this one was definitely JB though.  We have solid umpires in our region, and I know we often qualify umpire criticism with lines like 'it's a tough job" or "it's a thankless job" or whatever else, but JB showed just how easy the job behind the dish can be if outside pitches are called balls, inside pitches are called balls, pitches up or down are called balls, and pitches that pass over a portion of the plate are called strikes...there was no bitching during this game at all, because there was no reason to, he did a wicked job behind the dish. Big thanks to him for it too.

Excellent efforts on the day from Banny (killer on the bump and raked in the second game), Willy who hit rockets in both games, new guy Shawn for also pumping the ball around the yard, all 6 guys who threw for getting us through the openers, bader for some steady D at short, Richie for a killer Sombrero on the day, CD for showing Rich how it's done, the new guys for all finding a way to contribute.

Splitting day 1 ain't the best, but we got everybody in at some point, threw 6 guys, and got to play some ball...all in all, pretty damn good day.

Next action is thursday.


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