Back in the Win column

Posted May 16, 2017

We got back in the win column with a solid effort against the Canadians last night, ending in a 10-1 victory.  It was a much closer game, as the Habs countered Banny with their ace, Cole McPhee.  Banny was dialed for all 6 of his innings, and their guy was good for most of his night, getting out of trouble a couple times, before burning out in the 6th, giving up a big inning.  Banny struck out 10 and gave up 2 hits through his 6 innings, leading he way for CD to come in and clean up the 7th.  Muge had 4 RBIs, hutch had 3 hard knocks, bader stayed hot at the dish and played great D, n00b Shawn continued to swing a hot bat and Havers had a couple clutch ABs.

The Habs managed to f*ck up the stats in the 7th inning on gamechanger, not making the pitching change and missing a hitter and a 2 run double...still gotta pay attention even when you're getting kicked fellas.

Great night at the 10 days off.


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