Friggen Lentz

Posted June 29, 2018

We can't hit Adam Lentz.  Not sure why, other teams can, but we can't. He struck out a bunch of us by throwing the ball in the dirt, and scattered 7 hits, but as usual, we just couldn't cash...and we made some errors in perfect situations to give the guns some runs and the win.  Especially tough considering how well Sully threw, teaming up with Nate to allow only 2 hits all game, but a couple goofy mistakes, and thats the ballgame.  If the guns could play us every game, they'd be in first place...but they can't, so they're not.

Because of all of June's rainouts, we hit our break in the sked in perfect time to give us a stretch where we will have played 3 games in 28 days...we'll be rolling come July 7th...

Plenty of time to grab the cricket bats and work on hitting the yorker on the short hop.


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