Game Over

Posted August 19, 2018

The season came to an abrupt finish Saturday Vs. the Longhorns.  It wasn't really close in a series that perhaps mirrored the 2018 Giants season: some good stuff...but more from the other team.  To be blunt, as a crew, we were average at-best all season.  That's not to say that some didn't have awesome seasons, because plenty did, and we're super pumped for those guys, but as a team the year was a disappointment overall.  The usual suspects had excellent offensive seasons, led by Hutch, Kenny, Latos, Dubbsy and Ganz as vets, and were complimented by rooks Riki and Benji.  On the pitching side, Sully, Latos and Drew were workhorses all year, and n00b Pfeil chipped in by logging the second most appearances in a season in Giants history.  Our pichers were outstanding this season.

It's been a hard lesson, we're older and slower, and need to make some changes moving forward to catch up to the other teams in the league and some of the wicked talent that has entered the FMBA in recent years.  We're pumped about the challenge and we'll need to add some youth this offseason to support the continued hard work our pitchers have put in every season.

We wish rookies Brayden Pfeil and Brendan Dranchuk good luck as they head back to Saskatoon for University, Riki as he embarks on year 1 as a student at the U of C, Benji as he works towards his 9th undergrad degree in some branch of Physics, Nate Seltsam who heads back to Mount St. Mary's for his Sr year, and Jesse Kennedy who heads back to Vancouver Island for his senior season.  The rest of the old guys will be up to the same old crap this fall and winter...hopefully keeping in peak physical condition.  Finally, we'd like to wish Drew Calanchie all the best in the next phase, be careful, the big smoke can chew you up and spit you out!  The Barrie Angels are lucky to be getting you on their roster!

Huge thanks to all wives/girlfriends for the support and understanding all season (and Riki's mom for packing him a lunch for all double headers).  Final thanks goes out to the crew itself, just an amazing group of fellas to battle with, destroy Za at Beck's with, and above all enjoy hours the ballpark with!  

Best of luck to all who are battling for the 2018 FMBA title, a bunch of really good teams left in the hunt!

That about does it for the 2018 season.

See you next year


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