Volleyball First Practices...

Monday, December 27th:  1:00 - 2:30 7th - 8th Grade, 2:30 - 3:30 6th Grade Only

Friday, December 31st:  11:30 - 1:00 7th - 8th Grade, 1:00 - 2:00 6th Grade Only


Welcome to Camden Volleyball !!!

8th Graders:  Avery Wright, Adryannah Sullivan, Addie Melton, Abbi Wallace, Miley Hartney, Paisley Phifer, Kellie Trull, Kayedence Christopher, Macy Dykes, Kaylee Tidwell

7th Graders:  Jazmine Seiber, Irelynn Rezk, Kendel Hilliard, Emma French, Julia King, Natelee Melton, Sadie Fry, Carson Douglas, Lillian Malin, Kaylin Carlee

6th Graders:  Anniston Johnson, Mattie Greer, Emily Hollingsworth, Piper Latimer, Kenlee Plant, Addy Harris, Maribeth Murphy, Anna Johnson, Edyn Falkner, Jaylin Hagler

Manager: Julie Story and need one more

Thank You:  The Camden Volleyball Staff would like to thank everyone for coming out.  This is the most nerve-racking and stressful part of coaching.  6th graders, we look at potential, 7th graders need to be serving hard over the net and ready to learn a system, 8th graders are needing to prepare for competition, championships, and a 3-month try-out for high school.  

What's Next:  First Practice will be the week after Christmas.  We will always work around the high school basketball schedule for gym times.  Please follow the Camden Volleyball Facebook page for the first practice announcement after Christmas.  

Sheryl Sandberg says it best "If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat!  Just get on."  

Get Ready to Work !!!


6x District Champs, 1x Region Champs, 5x Region Runners Up,  2x Sub-State Champions, 2x Final Four in State


Volleyball Summer Camp Recommendations

If you have questions about a particular camp that interests you or to what type of clinic to go to, please ask.  Thanks

Union University Elite Camp (July 23-25), $220 Overnight, REGISTER HERE !!!  We have several girls going to this.  Sign up!!!

Union University Middle School Camp (July 26-28) REGISTER HERE!!!

Belmont Volleyball Camp Info CLICK HERE!!!

Tennessee Volleyball Camp Info CLICK HERE!!!

Ole Miss Volleyball Camp info CLICK HERE !!!

Munciana Volleyball Camps info CLICK HERE !!!

Kiva Volleyball Camps info CLICK HERE !!!

US Sports Camps Nike CLICK HERE !!!

Tennessee Performance Volleyball Camps CLICK HERE !!!

Upcoming Games
Mon Aug 15/22 6:00pm: (2022 CHS Varsity)
@ Milan
Camden -
Milan -
Thu Aug 18/22 6:00pm: (2022 CHS Varsity)
@ Camden
McEwen -
Camden -
Tue Aug 23/22 6:00pm: (2022 CHS Varsity)
@ Houston Co
Camden -
Houston Co -
Thu Aug 25/22 6:00pm: (2022 CHS Varsity)
@ Jo Byrns
Camden -
Jo Byrns -

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Recent Results
Thu Sep 30/21 6:00pm: (2021 CHS Varsity)
Dickson Co -
Camden -
Tue Sep 28/21 6:00pm: (2021 CHS Varsity)
Waverly -
Camden -
Thu Sep 23/21 6:00pm: (2021 CHS Varsity)
Hickman County -
Camden -
Tue Sep 21/21 6:00pm: (2021 CHS Varsity)
Camden -
Jo Byrns -

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