Edmonton Cardinals Unwritten Rules (by Jon Lee):
Note: This is not a complete listing.

1) Always hustle on the field. It does not take any talent or athletic ability to hustle.
2) Hats should be worn low and centered on the head. Hair should not be showing on the forehead.
3) Baseball pants should be worn all the way down or just under the knees. Halfway near the shins is not acceptable.
4) Respect your coaches, teammates, opposition and umpires.
5) Gum should always be thrown out into garbage cans not on the field.
6) Hair should be cut short. 
7) If you arrive to practices or games late, hustle in. Walking in shows that you do not care.
8) Tuck in your shirt and wear a belt.
9) Execute what you are told by your coaches on the field..
10) Ask questions. You need to know what to do and why.
11) When you are on a team trip, look and act appropriately. You are representing the entire organization. Act maturely and remember that you are here to play baseball, not vacation. Players should be groomed appropriately. Ask yourself, if you were to meet a MLB Scout, would you look acceptable?


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