Date Location Visitor  Home Result (Record)
Mar 9/15 5:00pm JCS (Varsity Only) CCHS JCS -
Mar 10/15 5:30pm Halls (V - JV) CCHS Halls -
Mar 16/15 5:00pm Arlington ( JV - V) CCHS Arlington -
Mar 24/15 5:30pm Martin Sportsplex (V - JV) CCHS Martin Westview -
Apr 2/15 5:30pm Obion County (JV - V) CCHS Obion County -
Apr 6/15 5:30pm Ripley (V - JV) CCHS Ripley -
Apr 16/15 5:30pm Dyersburg (V - JV) CCHS Dyersburg -
Apr 20/15 5:00pm Haywood (Double Header- Varsity) CCHS Haywood -
Apr 21/15 5:30pm Milan (V- JV) CCHS Milan -
Apr 30/15 5:30pm North Side (Varsity) CCHS North Side -
Apr 28/15 5:30pm Crockett County (JV- V) Covington CCHS -
Mar 23/15 5:30pm Crockett County (V - JV) Dyersburg CCHS -
Apr 13/15 5:00pm Crockett County (V- JV) Gibson County CCHS -
Mar 31/15 5:00pm Crockett County (V- JV) Halls CCHS -
Mar 30/15 5:00pm Crockett County (Varsity only) JCS CCHS -
Apr 7/15 5:30pm Crockett County (V - JV) Martin Westview CCHS -
Mar 17/15 5:00pm Crockett County (V- JV) Milan CCHS -
Mar 26/15 5:30pm Crockett County (JV- V) Obion County CCHS -
Apr 14/15 5:30pm Crockett County (V- JV) Ripley CCHS -
Mar 19/15 5:30pm Crockett County (JV- V) South Gibson CCHS -
Feb 28/15 TBA Obion County Pre-Season TBD TBD -
Mar 7/15 TBA Adamsville Pre-Season TBD TBD -
Mar 13/15 TBA SportsPlex Tournament TBD TBD -
Apr 3/15 TBA Milan TBD TBD -

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