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Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
Feb 11/16 7:30pm North Middle 6ers WC -
Feb 13/16 11:00am Omaha TBD Siouxland Shooters -
Feb 13/16 1:00pm Omaha TBD Siouxland Shooters -
Feb 14/16 2:00pm Omaha TBD Siouxland Shooters -
Feb 15/16 5:30pm North Middle KP WC -
Feb 18/16 5:30pm West Middle SBL WC -
Feb 19/16 7:15pm Lawton TBD WC -
Feb 19/16 8:30pm Lawton TBD WC -
Feb 20/16 TBA Lawton TBD WC -
Feb 23/16 6:30pm North Middle SBL WC -
Feb 29/16 6:00pm OA-BCIG Choir Concert Kaleb -
Mar 3/16 TBA North Middle TBD - League Tourney WC -

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