# Name  POS B T School GRAD Hometown Photo
11 Jason Berger P/OF L L St. Thomas 11 Gibbon
23 Jayson Berskow IF R R GFW 05 Winthrop
2 Dawson Best OF R R BLH Hector  
4 Aaron Bruns OF/2B R R SDSU 13 Gibbon
10 Jon DeRock Util R R Southwest State 09 Buffalo Lake
20 Brad Ebbers C/ IF R R BLH Hector  
30 Carson Guggisberg OF R R Hutchinson 2022 Gibbon  
1 Nolan Hurias P R R GFW 17 Fairfax
22 Brandon Kerling Infield R R GFW 03 Winthrop
21 Brendan Kienlen Of R R SMSU 21 Fairfax
13 Jacob Kropifko Inf/P R R BOLD Bird Island
5 Trevor Loverude OF R R GFW 08 Gibbon
42 Cody Loverude P R R GFW 05 Gibbon
9 Kyle Maurer P/1B/OF L L GFW 10 Fairfax
17 Cody Nachreiner C R R SDSU 13 Sleepy Eye
24 Ryan Panning CF/C R R SCTC 11 Gibbon
7 Drew Schwarzrock IF R R GFW 16 Gibbon
27 Devon Schwarzrock OF L L GFW 20 Gibbon
12 Ethan Schwarzrock C L R GFW 20 Gibbon
6 Zach Schwarzrock IF R R GFW 2022 Gibbon  
19 Justin Schwecke P/OF R R Bethany 10 Gibbon
2 Tony Stadtherr IF/OF/P R R Gustavus 07 Gibbon
25 Sam Van Hon P/IF/C R R St. Thomas 12 Fairfax
45 Zachary Weber U R R GFW 18 Gibbon
35 Wade Werner P R R Minnesota State University, Mankato 00 Winthrop
8 Jarod Werner Util R R Minnesota State University, Mankato 05 Winthrop


# Name  POS Hometown Photo
24 Ryan Panning Manager Gibbon  
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Player of the week (Aug 2/20)

Sam Van Hon

Sam has been doing everything right the last week of the season

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Recent Results
Sun Aug 9/20 7:30pm: (2020)
Gibbon Reds 6
Courtland Cubs 14
Sat Aug 8/20 2:00pm: (2020)
Gibbon Reds 1
Lamberton Long Sox 4
  • Welcome to our 15th year back in action!
  • Thanks to our fans for enjoying the game with us. Gibbon Baseball is no longer a secret.
  • Thanks from all the players to those who help make the Gibbon Reds possible.
  • State Tournament Appearances: 1922, 1935, 1964, 2017
  • The most nostalgic baseball environment in Minnesota! Come and experience a day at McGowan Field!

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