Schedule: Team:
Date  Time Location Visitor Home
May 1/19 5:30pm Oak River Hamiota High School Shoal Lake/Strath/Rossburn High School
May 2/19 6:30pm Strathclair Hamiota Mosquito Strathclair Mosquito
May 5/19 12:00pm Hamiota Ste. Rose/McCreary High School Hamiota High School
May 5/19 4:00pm Hamiota Dauphin High School Hamiota High School
May 6/19 6:30pm Rossburn Hamiota Mosquito Rossburn Mosquito
May 8/19 5:30pm Birtle Hamiota High School Birtle High School
May 10/19 5:30pm Hamiota Rivers High School Hamiota High School
May 12/19 12:00pm Russell Major Pratt High School Hamiota High School
May 14/19 6:30pm Birtle Hamiota Mosquito Birtle Mosquito
May 15/19 12:00pm Hamiota TBD Hamiota High School
May 15/19 6:30pm Russell Hamiota PeeWee Russell PeeWee
May 16/19 6:30pm Miniota Birtle Mosquito Hamiota Mosquito
May 19/19 1:00pm Hamiota Souris Hamiota PeeWee
May 19/19 4:00pm Hamiota Souris Hamiota PeeWee
May 21/19 6:30pm Hamiota Strathclair Mosquito Hamiota Mosquito
May 22/19 6:30pm Neepawa Hamiota PeeWee Neepawa PeeWee
May 27/19 6:30pm Hamiota Strathclair PeeWee Hamiota PeeWee
May 28/19 6:30pm Hamiota Rossburn Mosquito Hamiota Mosquito
May 29/19 7:00pm Hamiota Russell PeeWee Hamiota PeeWee
May 30/19 6:30pm Hamiota Rivers 2 Mosquito Hamiota Mosquito
Jun 3/19 6:30pm Hamiota Minnedosa PeeWee Hamiota PeeWee
Jun 4/19 6:30pm Miniota St. Lazare Mosquito Hamiota Mosquito
Jun 6/19 6:30pm St.Lazare Hamiota Mosquito St. Lazare Mosquito
Jun 9/19 6:30pm Miniota Hamiota PeeWee Miniota PeeWee
Jun 10/19 6:30pm Rivers Hamiota Mosquito Rivers 2 Mosquito
Jun 12/19 6:30pm Hamiota Neepawa PeeWee Hamiota PeeWee

  • Welcome to the new home of the Hamiota Minor Ball

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