Hazel Dell Metro By-Laws

Article I
The name of this association shall be the Hazel Dell Metro Babe Ruth League.
Article II
The purpose for which this league is organized is to develop and operate a baseball program in affiliation with Babe Ruth League Inc., A New Jersey Corporation, in conformity with and pursuivant to the principles, rules and regulations enunciated by said Babe Ruth Incorporated.
Article III
This shall be affiliated with Babe Ruth League Inc., A new Jersey corporation and shall be governed by regulations enunciated and decreed by Babe Ruth, Incorporated.
Article IV
The principle operations of the league shall be the boundaries of the Vancouver School District, Clark County, Washington, but may extend into such areas as provided by the State Commissioner.
Article V
This league shall have the following powers in addition to the powers expressly or implicitly conferred on it by law:
“To make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself on a local basis consistent with the rules set down by National Headquarters.”

Article VI
Member ship to the league board of directors shall be open to elected officers.
Article VII
Officers shall be elected annually for the term of one year. The election shall take place at the annual meeting.
Article VIII
There shall be an annual meeting in June at which time the election of officers will be held.
Election of officers is open to all members of the league.
Membership of this organization will be any adult person who wants to participate and who has an interest in the league’s success.

Article IX
The submission of amendments and the vote for adoption of any and all business before the board shall be by a majority vote. A quorum must be present consisting of at least 50% of the board.
Article X
The officers and board of directors and duties are as follows:

 1. Presides at all board meetings.
 2. Represents HDM at all district meetings.
 3. Applies for League charter each year.
 4. League contact for Insurance claims.
 5. Signs team rosters and verifies.
 6. Signs players birth identity cards.
 7. Oversees work assignments for league improvements.
 8. Member of the Executive board.
 9. Represents league at sports council meeting.

 Vice President Administration
 1. Substitutes for President in absence.
 2. Supervisor of all work parties.
 3. Act as all star commissioner.
 4. Member of the Executive board.
 5. Recruits Managers and Coaches for the league and presents them to the board for approval.
 6. Approves league schedule and tournaments.

Vice President Operations:
 1. Schedule all league games.
 2. Schedule league tournaments.
 3. League contact for out of town tournaments.
 4. Assigns practice fields.
 5. Coordinates spring training for the league.
 6. Contact with Umpires for canceling or adding games to schedule.

 1. Records and publishes meeting minutes.
 2. Publishes League handbook.
 3. Organizes team pictures.
 4. Officer in charge of fundraising.
 5. Election coordinator.
 6. Member of the Executive board.

 1. Maintains the financial records of the league.
 2. Responsible for receivables and payables.
 3. Collects concession receipts.
 4. Prepares financial report for monthly board meetings.
 5. Prepares yearly financial report.
 6. Member of the Executive Board.

Player Agent
 1. Mails out registration.
 2. Conducts league sign ups.
 3. Oversees tryouts and league draft.
 4. Completes team rosters.
 5. Completes all star rosters and player birth cards.
 6. Prepares all star tournament notebooks.
 7. Prepares and conducts all star voting.

 Equipment Manager
 1. Orders baseball equipment and uniforms for the league.
 2. Issues equipment to the teams and collects it at the end of the season.
 3. Security chief for the league locks and keys.

 Concession Manager
 1. Oversees volunteers for the concession stand.
 2. Maintains inventories for the concession stands.
 3. Contact person for team parents.

Article XI
If in the eyes of the Board of Directors, members of the board are not performing the duties as spelled out in the By-Laws, the board has the authority, by a majority vote, to expel, suspend, or remove offenders. The Executive Board has the authority to rule on any item affecting the league which is not covered by the By-Laws.

Article XII
“Roberts Rules of Order” shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the By-Laws of this league.

Article XIII
The Board of Directors is to determine the Managers and Coaches for each team in the league. Such may be arbitrary and without preset criteria.

Article XIV
The Board of Directors is to determine the local playing rules as well as the method by which all-star Managers and Players are to be selected.

Article XV
All star colors and uniforms for Hazel Dell Metro will be as follows:
Hats: Navy blue with red bill
Uniforms: are to be “white with navy colored pin striped” Metro is to be tackled twill on front in red with navy background.
Jackets: Jackets are to be red in color. (If applicable)
Numbers on the back are to be 8” tackle twill with same color as front.
Names: No names to be put on uniforms!!!

Article XVI
All Stars

Player eligibility: All players on the team official league roster, per their respective age group are eligible for play, provided they have played enough league games. Per Babe Ruth rules.
Managers/Coach eligibility: All Managers and Coaches per their perspective player age group, are eligible to be on the ballot for Manager of the tournament team.
All Managers and Coaches must be on the official league team roster to be eligible. Managers and Coaches who are interested in being the Manager of the tournament team shall be placed on the ballot by the player agent. Nominations will be accepted through June 9th. After June 9th there will be no additions or deletions to the nominations.
Player Selection Process: When there are more than 30 players in an age group, all players according to their respective age group will vote for nine (9) all stars. Players in their own age group will only vote for players of the same age group. In the event of a tie vote for the last player in the selection process, both players will be placed on the team. Managers and Coaches will only vote for players who are in their age group that they coach. The tournament Manager and Coaches will select the remaining six (6) players.   When there are less than 30 players in an age group, the all star team may be selected by voting as above. try-outs, board selection, or picked exclusively by the all-star manager.   The board will make the decision for the selection process of the team for each age group on a yearly basis if there are less than 30 players by a majority vote.
Managers Selection Process: All players of their respective age group will vote for the Manager of the tournament team. Only the players will be allowed to vote for the Manager. Managers or Coaches shall not influence in any form the players of Hazel Dell Metro. Any candidate for the tournament Manager, if it becomes known has influenced the players shall be removed by the Executive Board.
Coaches Selection Process: Coaches for the tournament team will be selected by the tournament Manager but will be approved by the All Star Commissioner. The All Star Commissioner will have the final word on the selections.
Balloting: Ballots will be distributed and collected by the player agent. Upon receipt of completed ballots, they will be sealed and immediately turned over to the President of Hazel Dell Metro. Ballots will be counted by the President, Vice President, and the Player Agent.
Board Discretion: At its discretion, the executive board may overrule the vote of the players when there are relevant factors not available to the players. The vote must be unanimous by the executive board to overrule the players. The executive board will approve the coaches for each team by a majority vote.

Player-Manager-Coach quitting All Star Team
If a player, coach or manager quits an all star team after it has had its first practice due to any reason other than an injury, then that person will FORFEIT ELIGIBILITY on any future all star team at Hazel Dell Metro Babe Ruth.


  • "Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world!" ~Babe Ruth

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