Congratulations to our draw winners from our banquet on May 14th.


Winning a free year of bowling for the 2018-19 season was Bob Primmer and winning draw tickets for the year was Robert Lively. 


Lynn Bave was lucky enough to win a $100 lottery gift board and Koren Hackett a $25 Tim Horton gift card.                     

Lisa Forbes won a $100 gift card from the Unique Food Chain and Tim Forbes won movie passes for 2.

Congratulations!! again to all of our winners.



Tail End High Aggregate - Murray Neath (16,497) and Kathy Withers (16,004)
High Aggregate - Russ Ruggles (23,002) and Heather Komadowski (20,061)
Tail End High Single - Robert Lively (274), Wanda McMaster and Justine McKay (237)
High Average - Devon Czerniga (223.1) and Sue Burns (208.0)
Cup of Shame - Kim Culp, Irene Winger and Elaine Winger (61.5 Pts.)
Most Improved Bowler - Zach Colwell (+17.0) and Sue Burns (+17.1)
Tail End High Average - Jason Marik (162.5) and Koren Hackett (155.4)
Tail End High Triple - John Partito (618) and Lisa Forbes (623)
League Champions - 2017-18 League Champions (l-r) Gord Winger, Justine McKay, Daniel Bertrand and Jerry Bates (72 Pts.)
High Triple - Ryan Gibson (805) and Deb Billard (713)
  • Congratulations!! to the 2018-19 Champions Team #6 Terry MacCharles, Deb Billard, Rob Slater and Bob Slater
  • Top bowlers for week 34 were Dave Page (689) for the Men and Deb Billard (604) for the Ladies
  • Congratulations!! to Russ Ruggles, Rob Slater, Robert Lively, Jason Marik, Ryan Gibson and coach Gerry Farrell who won the Provincials of the Holiday Classic with a score of +715.
  • They all win a trip for 2 to the Dominican Republic in November.
  • Our 26th season will start on Friday Sept. 6th at 7 p.m.

Countdown to
Bowling Banquet

(May 13, 2019 @ 6:30pm)

The bowling banquet will be held at Marquis Gardens on Rymal Rd. Guest tickets are $35.


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