Please ignore the games column on the standings screen.

It is simply the total of the points for (W) and points against (L)


Such a fun time at our Christmas party everyone. Thank you for coming and enjoying eachothers company.  Congrats to Gordie and Willie (rigged I tells ya, lol) for taking first place. 

Regular league play will resume on January 9th.


We are also hosting a Scotch Doubles tournament at the First Litre on Saturday, January 14th.  Entry will be $20 per person.  It is not exclusive to the league but please let us know if you want to play and who your partner is as soon as possible as there is a maximum of 14 teams.






Recent Results
Mon Jan 16/17 7:00pm:
Chalk is Cheap 172
Dirty Hookers 109
Mon Jan 16/17 7:00pm:
Down and Deep 152
Multiple Scorgasms 155
Mon Jan 16/17 7:00pm:
Cue Youz 140
Shortbus Hustlers 101
Upcoming Games
Mon Jan 23/17 7:00pm:
@ Table 1
Down and Deep -
Dirty Hookers -
Mon Jan 23/17 7:00pm:
@ Table 3
Cue Youz -
Chalk is Cheap -
Mon Jan 23/17 7:00pm:
@ Table 2
Multiple Scorgasms -
Shortbus Hustlers -

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