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Female  Off-Season Development Program

Congratulations to those ladies who took part in the numerous events held this past summer representing Manitoba.

However, one thing is still evident – there is a need to develop more pitchers and improve our defensive and offensive skills before next season.

To answer this need - the Southport Recreation Facility has been booked for the following eight Sunday sessions:

January 12 / 26

February 9 / 16

March 8 / 22

April 5 / 19


We were fortunate enough to secure a great time frame of 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and we are looking for some assurance from those individuals who are interested in taking part in these sessions.

We have an experienced, and knowledgeable couple of coaches (Blaine Fortin and Roger Langlais) who will be heading these sessions. 

Please note that the space booked is three-hours in length and there will be a cap of fourteen girls.

This year, the age has been set for ladies 13 years and up.  Players will be grouped based on age.

The cost for these sessions is $200 for the full program / $25 per session with a drop-in option for $30 / lesson to be paid on arrival. 

In order to confirm that these sessions will move forward, we need a commitment of those who are interested. 


Webpage - http://www.baseballmanitoba.ca/players-parents/high-performance/female-season-development-program-southport

Registration - https://permission.click/B3eWE/ca


For more information please contact James or me.

Please confirm your intentions soon, so we can move forward. 



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