2019 Team Toba Representatives
2019 Team Toba Representatives
2019 Team Roba Representatives

Oct 3/19

  Posted October 03, 2019


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Congratulations to the Manitoba Baseball’s 21U Women's Team Toba

who captured the Bronze Medal in Ottawa, Ontario  at the Canada Championships from August 1st to 4th.

Mikayla Nordman

Zoe Hicks

Tesia Hrom

Isabella Penner

Jamie Johnson

Olivia Sheldon

Katie Heppner

Amber Baker

Stefanie Byron

Jacey Ledochowski

Sarah Moir

Brittney Langlais

Caitlin Culleton

Mercedees Gorham

Coaching Staff

Jeremy Culleton

Marc Bissonnette

Roger Langlais

Joanne Johnson



Manitoba 14U Girls Team Toba

Manitoba Baseball’s 14U Girls Team Toba is pleased to announce their short-list rostered players.  The 14U team who will be traveling to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  in August 2019 to take part in the Western Canada Championships from August 16th to 18th. 

Aniya Monkman  # 10
Avery Pickering # 15
Bailey Taylorson # 14
Brooke Shewchuk  # 2
Ella Holm # 12
Emily Foster # 18
Heather Gouldsborough # 1
Hope Hinchey # 16
Jersi Godfrey # 21
Jewell Thompson # 7
Mya Kubrakovich # 13
Payton Zubec # 22
Tessa Stewart #17

Coaching Staff

Jordan Janisse (Winnipeg)

Chad Foster (Somerset)


Manitoba 16U Girls Team Toba

Manitoba Baseball’s 16U Girls Team Toba is pleased to announce their rostered players, who will be traveling to Nova Scotia in August 2019 to take part in the 16U Girls International Championships from August 22nd to 25th.  This will be their 8th year participating in this elite tournament.


Players include:

Marie Biehn (Carberry)

Jenna Swain (Roseisle)

Kennedy Toews (Blumenort)

Michalya Peacock (Somerset)

Jasmine Horwood (Brandon)

Shyanne Chartrand (Lundar)

Jessica Chanel (Somerset)

Jacey Ledochowski (Teulon)

Mercedees Gorham (Steinbach)

Zara Dickson (Carberry)

Darbi Poole (Mc Auley)

Raven Carriére (La Broquerie)


Coaching Staff:

Blaine Fortin (Head Coach)

Rodney Ledochowski (Assistant Coach)

Patti Hacault (Assistant Coach)

Diana Ledochowski (Chef de Mission)


The Manitoba Girls Provincial Teams would like to acknowledge their sponsors.  A listing can be found in each team's News Boxes.

Thank you for your continued support to Girls Baseball




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