Entries for St. Pauls' Relays

Posted March 10, 2017

Remember, these can change....


Saint Paul relays:


9am rolling schedule for running events


4 x 1600

Robinson, Jensen, Mattingley, Mattingley, Fouty, Fouty, Garriz, Kickliter, Bulman, Bolton, McGuire, Lyons


Steiner, Brooks, Roberts, gelineau, Sylvester, Shirah, Kilpatrick, Williams, Bishop, McKee, Cortopassi, Barbour, Sylvvester, Repoll, Tobias, Adams


3 x 300h

Roca, Diaz, Hawkins, O'Neil

Collins, White, Chiepilich, Walters

sprint medley

Huff, coleman , Jensen, Bolton

petty, barnes, daylen, dunne


4 x 200

Kidd, Nelson, Coleman, daffin

Mitchel, Repoll, Scott, Daniels

distance medley

Fouty, Watson, Jensen, Kickliter

Dunne, roberson, Gelineau, Steiner


3 x 100h/110h

Roca, Hawkins, Diaz, O'Neil


4 x 800 Bulman, Fouty, Mattingly, Bolton

Dunne, Dalyin, Barnett, Steiner

4 x 100 White, Barnes, Scott, Repoll ?

Huff, Diaz, Nelson, Coleman

4 x 400 Jensen, Huff, Bolton, Roca

Dunne, Petty, White, Finnorn daylin barnett


field events


boys sp husting, carter, spotswood, hites

boys lj roberson, spotswood, collins, coleman

boys pv chip, walters, finnorn, dolan

girls lj lee, huff, roca, McQuirter

girls jav oneill, taylor, doyle, blankenship

girls hj bolton, keatan, partridge, fouty

girls dT Neese, daffin, duncan, Chapman


boys DT resso, carter, hites, husting

boys TJ roberson, collins, coleman, petty

boys hj coleman, spotswood, collins

boys JT chip, carter, baldwin, roberson

Girls sp daffin, duncan, may, blankenship

girls pv taylor, green, oneill, coarsey

girls TJ lee, conway, ?, ?



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