2021 Official Rules, Standings and Payouts page

Thanks for participating in this Fundraiser.  Here is how your ticket/game works...


You will have 3 teams revealed under your scratch off sticker.  Those will be the teams you cheer for during the tournament. 

Points will be given once your team wins.  Round of 64=1 point, Round of 32=2 points, Sweet Sixteen=4 points, Elite 8=8 points, Final 4=16 points, Champion=32 points

The top 3 tickets that accumulate the most points will win.  Any and all tie breakers will be broken by the total amount of actual game points throughout the tournament by all 3 of your teams.

There will also be a "last place ticket" winner, so even if you pull a bad ticket you still have a chance to win.  If all 3 of your teams lose in the 1st round, you still have a chance to win!  The ticket that has the teams that score the fewest points in round 1 (and all lose) wins the "last place" prize. 

You can also win by having all 3 of your teams make it to the Sweet 16 round.  That will be an instant winner at that point. 


500 tickets

1st $1000






Sweet Sixteen winners-$100 (All 3 teams made it to the Sweet 16)

Ticket #0037

Ticket #0046

Ticket #0073

Ticket #0128

Ticket #0150

Ticket #0279

Ticket #0386

Ticket #0498



Championship Teams Winner Ticket #      
Gonzaga/Baylor Baylor 1st- 343 2nd- 37 2nd-279 4th- 332


Winning Tickets

1st Place - 343 $1,000

2nd Place - 37 and 279 Tie $400 each

4th Place - 332 $200

Thank you to everyone that participated and helped support Northfield Legion Baseball! 


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