CONCESSION STAND SCHEDULE 2013 Please note: The schedule is subject to change when exact schedules are determined. ***PLEASE ARRIVE 1/2 HOUR BEFORE GAME TIME***

5/18/2013 Seniors=Red Juniors=Blue Grill (1 person)

2-May Fri. Alumni 4:30PM Jenny Nekuda Karyn Hancock/Jo Kekahbah Justin B

2-May Fri. Alumni 6:30PM Sam Elliott Renee Callaghan/Jacque Harms Jim Harms

18-May Sat. Scottsbluff 1:00 PM Tonya Folk Michelle Short Dave Hovden

18-May Sat. Scottsbluff 3:30 PM Jill Silos Jamie Ruffin Mark Silos

20-May Mon. McCook 5:30PM Susan Sukraw Tricia Pflughaupt/Michelle Volz JoeSukraw

20-May Mon. McCook 8:00PM Shelley Martinez Barb Peterson/Dustia Lawrence Brad Peterson

22-May Wed. Columbus 4:00PM Jenny Nekuda Nikki Barker Randy Barker

22-May Wed. Columbus 6:30PM Karyn Hancock Ron Chitty/Val Chitty Bob Hancock

23-May Thur. Norfolk 4:00PM Julie Chase Jo Kekahbah Bob Kekahbah

23-May Thur. Norfolk 6:00PM Tonya Folk Michelle Short/Jill Silos Shane Folk

24-May Fri. Oxf/??? 3:00PM Jenny Nekuda ??? Mark Silos

24-May Fri. Oxf/NP 5:30PM Jamie Ruffin Dustia Lawrence Dave Lawrence

24-May Fri. Ger/NP 8:00PM Barb Peterson Nikki Barker Dave Hovden

25-May Sat. ???/Ger 10:00AM Jenny Nekuda Tonya Folk Brad Peterson

25-May Sat. Ger/LincEstB 12:30PM Val Chitty Jill Silos Ron Chitty

25-May Sat. LincEastB/Oxf 3:00PM Julie Chase Jenny Nekuda Scott Chase

25-May Sat. ???/LincEst 5:30PM Nikki Barker Karyn Hancock Bob Hancock

25-May Sat. LincEst/NP 8:00PM Michelle Short Jo Kekahbah Bob Kekahbah

26-May Sun. Oxf/LincEst 10:00AM Jenny Nekuda Tonya Folk Shane Folk

26-May Sun. Ger/LincEst 12:30PM Jamie Ruffin Jill Silos Mark Silos

26-May Sun. ???/LinEstB 3:00PM Nikki Barker Barb Peterson Randy Barker

26-May Sun. NP/LincEstB 5:30PM Dustia Lawrence Shelley Martinez Dave Lawrence

28-May Tues. Cozad 5:30PM Susan Wesslund Mary Pat Kenny/Lesha V. Dan Wesslund

28-May Tues. Cozad 8:00PM Michelle Short Val Chitty Ron Chitty

29-May Wed. Overton 5:30PM Amy Beyer Gloria & Jason Anderson Matt Vierya

29-May Wed. Overton 8:00PM Jamie Ruffin Shelley Martinez/Julie Chase Steve Martinez

5-Jun Wed. Lexington 5:30PM Jill Silos Barb Peterson Brad Peterson

7-Jun Fri. Ger/Ogal 3:00PM Michelle & Pete Volz Dan W.

7-Jun Fri. Ogal/Valtine 5:30PM Amy & Mitch Beyer John Allberry

7-Jun Fri. NP/Valtine 8:00PM Tammy Brockmoller Jo &Susan Sukraw Justin B

. 8-Jun Sat. Ger/Valtine 10:00AM Lesha V. Tricia Pflughaupt Matt V.

8-Jun Sat. JCBrag/Ger 12:30PM Jacque Harms Jim Harms Mark Kenny

8-Jun Sat. JCBrag/Ogal 3:00PM Sam Elliott Susan Wesslund Jay Elliott

8-Jun Sat. HaysKS/Valtine 5:30PM Amy Beyer Susan Sukraw Mike Cardenas

8-Jun Sat. HaysKS/NP 8:00PM Teri S. Mary Pat Kenny Jason Anderson

9-Jun Sun. Ger/HaysKS 10:00AM Lesha V. Susan Wesslund Dan W.

9-Jun Sun. JCBrag/HaysKS 12:30PM Tammy Brockmoller Justin Brockmoller Joe Sukraw

9-Jun Sun. JCBrag/NP 3:00PM Michelle Volz Tricia Pflughaupt Pete V.

9-Jun Sun. Ogal/NP 5:30PM Mary Pat & Mark Kenny Jacque Harms Mitch B.

11-Jun Tues. Hastings 5:30PM Amy Beyer Lesha V. Matt V

11-Jun Tues. Hastings 8:00PM Michelle Volz Susan Wesslund Pete V.

19-Jun Wed. Scottsbluff 5:30PM Susan Sukraw Sam Elliott Joe Sukraw

19-Jun Wed. Scottsbluff 8:00PM Teri S./Jacque Harms Tricia Pflughaupt Mike Cardenas

22-Jun Sat. LincHigh 1:00PM Mary Pat Kenny Tammy Brockmoller Mark Kenny

22-Jun Sat. LincHigh 3:30PM Sam Elliott Michelle Volz Jay Elliott

25-Jun Tues. Kearney 5:30PM Susan Wesslund Amy Beyer Dan W.

25-Jun Tues. Kearney 8:00PM Julie Chase Michelle S./Nikki Barker Scott Chase

27-Jun Thur. Hershland/NPJR 10:00AM Susan Wesslund Sam Elliott Dan W.

27-Jun Thur. Overton/Hershland 12:30PM Julie Chase Karyn Hancock Bob Hancock

27-Jun Thur. Overton/NPJR 3:00PM Tammy Brockmoller Jacque Harms John Allberry

27-Jun Thur. Overton/HershSR 5:30PM Jenny Nekuda Dustia L./Val Chitty Randy Barker

27-Jun Thur. Overton/NPSR 8:00PM Tonya Folk Shelly Martinez/Jo Kekahbah Shane Folk

28-Jun Fri. E/DJR/OvertonJR 10:00AM Jenny Nekuda Susan Wesslund Dan W.

28-Jun Fri. E/DJR/HaysJR 12:30PM Julie Chase Michelle V. Pete V.

28-Jun Fri. OvertonJR/HaysJR 3:00PM Shelly Martinez Lesha V. Steve Martinez

28-Jun Fri. E/DSR/HershSR 5:30PM Nikki Barker Jill Silos Mark Silos

28-Jun Fri. E/DSR/NPSR 8:00PM Barb Peterson Jamie R./Michelle S. Brad Peterson

29-Jun Sat. HaysJR/HershJR 10:00AM Dustia Lawrence Jenny Nekuda Dave L.

29-Jun Sat. HaysJR/NPJR 12:30PM Teri S. Lesha V. Matt V.

29-Jun Sat. E/DJR/HershJR 3:00PM Julie Chase Tonya Folk Dave Hovden

29-Jun Sat. CambrSR/HershSR 5:30PM Sam & Jay Elliott Susan Sukraw Joe

29-Jun Sat. Cambridge/NPSR 8:00PM Karyn Hancock Jo Kekahbah/Val Chitty Ron Chitty

30-Jun Sun. E/DJR/NPJR 10:00AM Tricia Pflughaupt Jacque Harms Jim Harms

30-Jun Sun. E/DSR/CambrSR 12:30PM Mary Pat Kenny Michelle V. Mark Kenny

30-Jun Sun. OvertSR/CambrSR 3:00PM Teri S. Amy Beyer Jason Anderson

30-Jun Sun. OvertSR/E/DSR 5:30PM Tammy B. Susan Sukraw John Allberry

30-Jun Sun. NPSR/HershSR 8:00PM Jenny Nekuda Tonya Folk/Nikki Barker Randy Barker

2-Jul Tues. Gr. Island 5:00PM Lesha V. Jacque Harms Matt V.

2-Jul Tues. Gr. Island 8:00PM Susan Wesslund Tricia P./Teri S. Dan W.

26-Jul Fri. STATE TBA

26-Jul Fri. STATE TBA

27-Jul Sat. STATE TBA

27-Jul Sat. STATE TBA

28-Jul Sun. STATE TBA

28-Jul Sun. STATE TBA

29-Jul Mon. STATE TBA

29-Jul Mon. STATE TBA



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