The Powerline Baseball League has a lengthy history with ball player who are passionate for the game as well as baseball in their community. The PBL has started to collect stories from these players for the purpose of sharing with the baseball community. It is an inside look into the different eras of the Powerline Baseball League and the men and women who have helped make the great league that it is today. 

Below you will find the player profiles listed in alphabetical order. We hope you enjoy. 

Neil Anderson (1993-2005) - played with the Tofield Lakers for the first ten years of his career before finishing his time in the PBL with the Powerline Brewers in 2004 and 2005. You can find Neil's player profile here (https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72529)

Neil, suited up for the Battle River A's, with daughters Erin & Jenna at the 2019 CNOBF Championships in Airdrie 

Jason Buzzell (1999-2005, 2009-2014) - played with the Armena Royals/Armena Axemen franchise for the lenght of his career. You can find Buzzell's player profile here (https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72244)

Buzzell sporting the classic Royals pewter blue at Anniversary Park in Armena

Corey Epp (2002-Present) - played with the Tofield Lakers from 2002-2008, the Ryley Rebels 2009-2016 and now the Tofield Braves since 2017. (https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72414)

Epp on the hill for the Tofield Braves in 2019

Rob Gillrie (early 1980s, 1994 - 2005, 2014, 2019) - played with the Tofield Lakers in the early 1980s, then full time with the Lakers from 1994-2000, Powerline Brewers 2001-2005, Bardo Athletics in 2014 and Tofield Braves 2019. You can find Gillrie's player profile here (https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72300

Rob at bat for the Tofield Braves in 2019 against the Edmonton Expos

Mike LeClaire (1993-2014) - played with the Bardo Athletics for his entire 21 year career. You can find LeClaire's player profile here (https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72272

Mike in his familiar shortstop position for the Bardo Athletics

Kyle Muzechka (2011-Present) - has played his entire PBL career with the Holden Blue Jays. You can find Kyle's profie here: https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72482

Muzz delivers a pitch in the 2017 PBL Championship Series for the Holden Blue Jays

Steven Pahl (2008-2019) - played with the Leduc Milleteers for his entire 12 year PBL career which saw him lead his team to five PBL Championships from 2009 to 2013. https://ballcharts.com/team/?team=powerlineleague&pg=new&id=72823 

Pahl on the mound for the Leduc Milleteers in a 2018 game vs the Sherwood Park Athletics

2018 All Star Game
2017 PBL Championship
2016 PBL Championship
2017 Season
2017 PBL Championship
2017 Season
2017 Season
2018 Semi-Finals - Leduc vs Rosalind
2016 Season
2018 All Star Game