Here we go again…

Posted July 19, 2016

Here we go again…

Last year this author started out the post as such:

In one series, you have the veteran-laden championship-winning hard-nosed and dead-serious duo of the Rosalind Athletics matched up with Ryley Rebels. In the other, you have two teams that are happy to be there, full of youngsters, inconsistent and just out there to have fun and win a title if it all works out.

This year. Everyone’s in the same boat. Prove themselves.

  • Ryley: Prove they can do it again while slaying veteran Rosalind.
  • Armena: Prove they can do it back-to-back, despite the doubters.
  • Beaumont: Prove they can break through. Win a series and a shot.
  • Rosalind: Prove they not only can win a series, but the whole…thing.

Ryley vs. Rosalind (Series 2-0 for Ryley)

Same old same old. Ryley sweeps the season series 4-1 and 8-3 this year but the A’s bring it come playoff time. The series starts in Ryley so getting the ball rolling early for both teams will be a must. The Rebels have thumped the ball this season with 123 runs for, 30 more than the next highest – Rosalind. Will this be another battle of the defenses and pitchers or will the last bat double digit their way to victory between two extremely experienced squads.

Armena vs. Beaumont (Series 1-1)

Just when it maybe looked like the Armena Royals were going to get their second pennant in 3 years, two straight one-run losses bumped them back to second. Meanwhile the Angels needed two one-run nailbiters of their own to sneak by the hard-charging foes of their fellow Leduc Countians to clinch on the final day of the season. Either way we have two teams heading in different directions. Last year’s semi was the first taste for Beaumont who lost game one and was shut down in game two. They must be ready this year while Armena’s roster is much different.


Last year it seemed it was destined to be the long ball of Ryley and the pitching of Beaumont. Maybe this writer was one year early. With both finishing the season in style, only they might be in the way of themselves. But as we saw last year, we may have some games in front of us that entertain us while also surprising us.

Game on.

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