President - Paul Artz - Deloraine - 204-747-4385 
Website - Jerry Crampain - Hamiota - 204-764-0238
Secretary/Treasurer - Shayne Macgranachan - Crocus Plains - 
Scheduler/Complaints Commissioner - Dale McKinnon - Deloraine - 204-747-2128 

ALL SEASON - Specific rules that apply: 
Bats - Wood bats or starting in the 2020 season - MHSAA has approved the use of the BBCOR bat. 
Category                                   18U
Bat Type                                    Wood or Metal (BBCOR)
Max. Bat Length                      42 in.
Max. Bat Diameter                  2¾ in.
Bat Weight to Length Ratio  -3

Player eligibility as per MHSAA regulations. 
No "courtesy runner" for catcher with 2 out. There will also be No Designated Hitter (DH) in effect. 

We will insist that teams have a "teacher, counselor, administrator or other school personnel" from their respective school to be involved in some capacity on the field in order to compete. 

PWHSBL League champion to be recognized with a school banner to be awarded at the championship final game. The league standings will be based upon points, with 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. 

A fine system will be in place for games that are not played. The decision of the executive will be final. 

REGULAR SEASON GAMES - Specific rules that apply: 
7 Inning Games. Only 1 extra inning will be allowed to settle ties (day-light permitting), otherwise game is recorded as a tie. The extra inning will be an open inning as well. The last out from the previous inning for each respective team will start at second base for the extra inning. NOTE: The runner could be either the last person out or an eligible substitution. 

5 run mercy rule/inning with an open final inning. There is no 10 run mercy rule in effect after 5 innings. 

Two players can be entered and re-entered an unlimited number of times at the same position. For example; player A can be subbed for player B and vice versa as many times as possible. If the coach subs player C into the same position, then player A and B are effectively out of the game. Unlimited Re-entry applies to the pitcher as well, as long as the pitcher never comes out of the pitching position. 

In the event that a coach has used all substitutions and a player is injured or ejected, the coach may use any player from the bench that is not currently in the ball game. If a team starts a game with 9 players and a player is injured or ejected, that team will be allowed to finish the game with 8 players (No less) and take an out every time the injured player bats. 

PLAYOFF GAMES - Specific rules that apply: 
MBA rules as per Midget category. 

SEEDING FOR PLAYOFFS - will be based on total points accumulated during the regular season (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). 

Tiebreakers - the following system will be used to break ties that result after points have been totaled (regardless of number of games played): 
A - Head to head record (regular season) 
B - Winning Percentage 
C - Runs against per inning (Ave) 

Anticipated league start date: May 1
Expected league end date: May 29th
Last two weeks of May to complete zone, city, inter-zone and wildcard playoffs. 

June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Provincials @ Brandon (2022) 

Home teams will be responsible for contacting the following media outlets following each game: ***PLEASE USE THE MEDIA CONTACT SHEET/GAME SHEET TO COMMUNICATE SCORES AND STATS TO THE MEDIA. 

This was adhered to by each of the 14 teams in the league last year. It is imperative that we follow this again in order to add credibility to the league and have our athletes recognized. 

Remember that a player of the week honor is handed out by the MHSAA through out the year. Names must be submitted. 

Please submit your league all-stars to Jerry at completion of season. There is no All-Star game, just recognition on the website. 
1st place teams in your division get 6 players 
2nd place get 5 players 
3rd place get 4 players 
4-7th place get 3 player 

Jerry Crampain - Secretary/Website Hamiota Collegiate - 204-842-2803


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