How Team/Class is made

Posted July 12, 2018

If you are new or interested in how the teams or the class is made, hopefully this will give some insight. 

If you wuld like to play soccer at stratford we encourage you to visit your counselor and get moved into soccer before the start of the school year. This is not mandatory but chances of making a team are better. 

To make the class:

To start the school year players that are in the soccer class must have their physical and online paperwork filled out and turned in. Any player that does not have this done within the first week of school will be removed from the class and can tryout after thanksgiving (given that they have completed the paperwork). within the first two weeks the coaches will asses players based on ability, fitness and committment. Players that make the team will be in the class for the entire 1st semester. 

To make the team:

Any and all students are encouraged to come tryout, We will host tryouts after school the first 3 days after thankgiving break. Many different factors go into making the teams, they include ability, sportsmanship, attitude, behavior in the classroom and Grades. We will have two teams of about 20 players and another 10ish players to make up a scout team. These teams are not set in stone they can be moved up or down throughout the season. All players who make a team will be in the soccer class for the entire second semester. 


How Team/Class is made

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So you want to play in College

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  • Welcome to the new home of the Stratford Boys Soccer
  • Incoming players need to get their paperwork done.
  • PLAN Christmas break accordingly. WE WILL HAVE GAMES

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