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May 24/22 7:00pm Virden Reston Rockets Virden Oilers
May 25/22 7:00pm Hamiota Oak River Dodgers Hamiota Red Sox
May 27/22 7:00pm Boissevain Wawanesa Brewers Boissevain Centennials
May 27/22 7:00pm Reston Hamiota Red Sox Reston Rockets
May 27/22 7:00pm Rivers Deloraine Royals Rivers Comets
May 29/22 4:00pm Wawanesa Deloraine Royals Wawanesa Brewers
May 29/22 6:00pm Oak River Boissevain Centennials Oak River Dodgers
May 31/22 7:00pm Virden Oak River Dodgers Virden Oilers
Jun 1/22 7:00pm Rivers Wawanesa Brewers Rivers Comets
Jun 2/22 7:00pm Reston Boissevain Centennials Reston Rockets
Jun 3/22 7:00pm Deloraine Reston Rockets Deloraine Royals
Jun 3/22 7:00pm Oak River Hamiota Red Sox Oak River Dodgers
Jun 3/22 7:00pm Virden Rivers Comets Virden Oilers
Jun 5/22 1:00pm Boissevain Oak River Dodgers Boissevain Centennials
Jun 5/22 1:00pm Wawanesa Hamiota Red Sox Wawanesa Brewers
Jun 5/22 5:00pm Boissevain Hamiota Red Sox Boissevain Centennials
Jun 5/22 5:00pm Wawanesa Oak River Dodgers Wawanesa Brewers
Jun 5/22 6:00pm Deloraine Virden Oilers Deloraine Royals
Jun 7/22 7:00pm Deloraine Boissevain Centennials Deloraine Royals
Jun 7/22 7:00pm Oak River Virden Oilers Oak River Dodgers
Jun 8/22 7:00pm Rivers Reston Rockets Rivers Comets
Jun 10/22 7:00pm Deloraine Rivers Comets Deloraine Royals
Jun 10/22 7:00pm Oak River Reston Rockets Oak River Dodgers
Jun 10/22 7:00pm Virden Hamiota Red Sox Virden Oilers
Jun 12/22 1:00pm Hamiota Deloraine Royals Hamiota Red Sox
Jun 12/22 1:00pm Oak River Wawanesa Brewers Oak River Dodgers
Jun 12/22 5:00pm Hamiota Wawanesa Brewers Hamiota Red Sox
Jun 12/22 5:00pm Oak River Deloraine Royals Oak River Dodgers
Jun 14/22 7:00pm Reston Deloraine Royals Reston Rockets
Jun 14/22 7:00pm Virden Wawanesa Brewers Virden Oilers
Jun 15/22 7:00pm Oak River Rivers Comets Oak River Dodgers
Jun 17/22 7:00pm Hamiota Reston Rockets Hamiota Red Sox
Jun 17/22 7:00pm Virden Boissevain Centennials Virden Oilers
Jun 17/22 7:00pm Wawanesa Rivers Comets Wawanesa Brewers
Jun 19/22 2:00pm Hamiota Boissevain Centennials Hamiota Red Sox
Jun 19/22 6:00pm Rivers Boissevain Centennials Rivers Comets
Jun 21/22 7:00pm Hamiota Virden Oilers Hamiota Red Sox
Jun 21/22 7:00pm Reston Rivers Comets Reston Rockets
Jun 24/22 7:00pm Deloraine Hamiota Red Sox Deloraine Royals
Jun 24/22 7:00pm Reston Virden Oilers Reston Rockets
Jun 24/22 7:00pm Rivers Oak River Dodgers Rivers Comets
Jun 24/22 7:00pm Wawanesa Boissevain Centennials Wawanesa Brewers
Jun 26/22 4:00pm Reston Wawanesa Brewers Reston Rockets
Jun 26/22 6:00pm Boissevain Virden Oilers Boissevain Centennials
Jun 26/22 6:00pm Rivers Hamiota Red Sox Rivers Comets
Jun 28/22 7:00pm Reston Oak River Dodgers Reston Rockets
Jun 28/22 7:00pm Deloraine Wawanesa Brewers Deloraine Royals
Jun 28/22 7:00pm Rivers Virden Oilers Rivers Comets
Jun 30/22 7:00pm Boissevain Deloraine Royals Boissevain Centennials
Jul 5/22 7:00pm Deloraine Oak River Dodgers Deloraine Royals
Jul 5/22 7:00pm Wawanesa Reston Rockets Wawanesa Brewers
Jul 6/22 7:00pm Boissevain Rivers Comets Boissevain Centennials
Jul 7/22 7:00pm Virden Deloraine Royals Virden Oilers
Jul 8/22 7:00pm Boissevain Reston Rockets Boissevain Centennials
Jul 8/22 7:00pm Hamiota Rivers Comets Hamiota Red Sox
Jul 8/22 7:00pm Wawanesa Virden Oilers Wawanesa Brewers


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