Date: Tuesday August 1st- Wednesday Aug. 2nd, 2017


6:30am-7:30am- All players

9:30am-12pm- Freshman only

1pm-4pm- Returning Students only (10th-12)

*Teams will be picked after last session on August 2nd

All paperwork and forms must be completed prior to Aug. 1st. 

Katy ISD Participation forms-, email or drop of uitlity bill & birth certificate.


1)  We begin on the first day at 6:30 AM with our timed cardio session. Check In will start at 6:00am. We will take a  break , then return for the skills session. You can expect a similar schedule on the second day of tryouts.


2)  There will be physical fitness testing at tryouts. We will test your cardiovascular endurance, your vertical jump and your speed/agility.  I want you to know that if you show up at tryouts without having worked out all summer, the testing will be very difficult.  We EXPECT you to workout (running and weight lifting) and play volleyball over the summer!


3)  We will test your fundamental volleyball skills as well as your ability to play on a team.  Be prepared to show us how well you can play!  Also, please know before you come to tryouts what position you would like to tryout for.  Some of our decision making in regards to choosing teams comes from the positions people play.


4)  At the begining of the first day of tryouts, you will recive a schedule with practices and games for the reminder of August. Tryouts will last for two days (Tuesday and wednesday).  After the second session on Wednesday, you will be called in individually and told by the coaches if you made a team or not.  At that time, the coaches will reflect on your tryout and let you know what we feel are your strengths and weaknesses.  Please understand that we will be honest with you!


5)  After tryouts are over and teams have been chosen, we will have two-a-day practices (similar to the times of tryouts).


6)  Remember...we expect a 100% commitment from August 1st on.  Please schedule family vacations and camps before tryouts begin!!


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Lady Mustang Volleyball Tryouts

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Good luck this season!

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