Infrastructure Service Oriented



Infrastructure Service Oriented-

A business infrastructure is the basic structure a business model is built upon.

Our model concept operates under the following principals


2.Health Care

3.Research & Development




This approach taken uses a combination of Fundamental and Technical analysis

Technical analysts typically begin their analysis with charts, while fundamental analysts start with a company’s financial statements.

Fundamental analysts try to determine a company’s value by looking at its income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. In financial terms, the analyst tries to measure a company’s intrinsic value by discounting the value of future projected cash flows to a net present value.

 A stock price that trades below a company’s intrinsic value is considered a good investment opportunity and vice versa.

The Fundamental approach looks at the intrinsic long- term value thereby looking at forward and backwards information.



Technical analysis evaluates investments based upon the market activity around them, without looking at the actual operations value of the investment itself.

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis have different goals in mind. Technical analysts try to identify many short- to medium-term operations where they can flip the investment, while fundamental analysts try to make long-term investments in a underlying business.

 A good way to conceptualize the difference is to compare it to someone buying a home to flip versus someone that’s buying a home to live in for years to come.

In the sports business this is one of the most important rules of the game to know.

 We have taken this approach, simply because in sports an organization’s intrinsic worth comes from tangle-able assets attached to it, major league sports intrinsic value comes from its TV bundled revenue, they then tie in other assets the organization develops in support of the original asset the (team).

Here, we have simply narrowed down the types of assets we can attach. Sense we don’t have huge TV contracts built in, what other business infrastructure types could be developed and nurtured into a value- asset?  (Service Oriented) infrastructure.

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are often seen as opposing approaches to analyzing securities, but many investors have experienced success by combining the two techniques. For example, an investor may use fundamental analysis to identify an undervalued investment and use technical analysis to find a specific entry and exit point for the position. Often times, this combination works best when a security is severely oversold which is the normal operating structure within the minor league sports industry.




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