PLAYERS MOVING ON from VI Baseball Institute

Gobind Sall('15)- Jamestown University, ND(NAIA)

Cody Chartrand('13)- Lewis-Clark State College, ID(NAIA)
Cody Andreychuk('13)- Tusculum College, TN(NCAA DII)
Darren Kolk('13)- Lewis-Clark State College, ID(NAIA)

Thomas Bidzinski('12)- Jamestown College, ND(NAIA)
Matthew Davis('12)- Minot State University, ND(NCAA DII)
Liam Goodall('12)- Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, FL(NAIA)

Taylor MacDonell('11)- Wayne State College, NE(NCAA DII)
Adam Paulencu('11)- Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, FL(NAIA)|
Matt Thornton('11)- University of British Columbia, BC(NAIA)

Tynan Flegg('10)- Fitchburg State University, MA(NCAA DIII)

Blair Cowley('08)- Tusculum College,TN(NCAA DII)
Myles Ethier('08)- Jamestown College,ND(NAIA)
Andrew Grafton('08)- Dickinson State,ND(NAIA)
Jake Dunbar('08)- University of Science and Arts,OK(NAIA)

Phil Curtis('07)- Jamestown College,ND(NAIA)
Don MacQuarrie('07)- Jamestown College,ND(NAIA)
Kevin Challoner('07)- Missouri Valley State,MO(NAIA)
Matt Atkinson('07)- Laredo CC,TX(JC)

Grant Vickers('06)- College of Southern Idaho,ID (JC)
Ben Cairns('06)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Tyler Moretti('06)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Jamie Cameron('06)- Cerro Coso College,CA (JC)
Andrew Griffin('06)- Galveston College,TX (JC)

James Castle('05)- Galveston College,TX (JC)
Greg Doyle('05)- Galveston College,TX (JC)
Kyle Swenson('05)- Mayville State,ND (NAIA)
Ian Bowie('05)- Mayville State,ND (NAIA)
Greg Hockin('05)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Graham Campbell('05)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Brian Allen('05)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)

Jeff Vickers('04)- College of Southern Idaho,ID (JC)
Shawn Loglisci('04)- College of Southern Idaho,ID (JC)
Charlie Strandlund('04)- Albertson College,ID (NAIA)
Nigel Andison('04)- Mayville State,ND (NAIA)
Derek Neal('04)- College of Southern Idaho,ID(JC)

Derek McPherson('03)- Collin County College,TX (JC)
Craig Talbot('03)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Jason Blackey('03)- North Central College,TX (JC)
Scott Moerike('03)- Dakota Wesleyan, SD (NAIA)

Geoff White('02)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Karl Mejlholm('02)- Washignton State,WA (NCAA-1)
Pete Entwistle('02)- Minot State,ND (NAIA)
Brendan Kornberger('02)- UBC,BC (NAIA)

Scott Wallis('01)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Brian Knowles('01)- Minot State,ND (NAIA)
Bill Hadden('01)- Brescia,KY (NAIA)

Mike Rogers('00)- New Mexico State,NM (JC)
Jeff Steele('00)- Oklahoma Baptist,OK (NAIA)
Justin Millward('00)- Jamestown College,ND (NAIA)
Rene Gutierrez('00)- Baker College,KS (NAIA)
Kier Thompson('00)- SE Oregon College,OR (JC)








Scott Wallis('99-'00)- Winnipeg Goldeyes
Geoff White('00-'01)- Edmonton Cracker-Cats
Jason Blackey('02-'03)- Boston Red Sox/Greenville Drive
Bryan Dumesnil(Coach)('03-'06)- Atlanta Braves/Myrtle Beach Braves
Brad Rogers(Coach)('01-'06)- Baltimore Orioles/Calgary Vipers
Chuck MacFarlane(Coach)('07)- Edmonton Cracker-Cats
Karl Meljholm('07-'08)- French Professional League

VIBI Players Drafted

Adam Paulencu - Pitcher - San Fransico Giants(13th Round, 2011), Colorado Rockies(26th Round, 2012)
Cody Chartrand - Pitcher - Texas Rangers (36th Round, 2014)




























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