2016 VI Baseball Institute Awards

M.V.P. - Tyler Armstrong 
Top Pitcher - Austin Penner
Top Hitter - Justin Johnston
Top Defence - Gobind Sall 
Rookie of the Year - Justin Johnston
Most Improved Player - Carver Krafchuk
Leadership and Hustle Award - Brodie Stairs


2015 VI Baseball Institute Awards

M.V.P. - Kenton Schroter 
Top Pitcher - Kenton Schroter
Top Hitter - Connor Merilees
Top Defence - Chad Schultz
Rookie of the Year - Andrew Evernden
Most Improved Player - Tyler Armstrong
Leadership and Hustle Award - Jackson McCuaig

2015 CCBC All Conference Teams

1st Team All Conference

Connor Merilees (OF)

2nd Team All Conference

Andrew Evernden (P)

Kenton Schroter (P)

Chad Schultz (2B)
Gobind Sall (3B)
Tyson Dyck (1B)

Most Team Strikeouts Season - VIBI (158)

2014 VI Baseball Institute Awards

M.V.P. - Connor Russell 
Top Pitcher - Connor Russell
Top Hitter - Cody Pendergast
Top Defence - Tyler Armstrong 
Rookie of the Year - Gobind Sall
Most Improved Player - Jeremy Harasymchuk
Leadership and Hustle Award - Cory Curtis

2014 CCBC All Conference Teams

1st Team All Conference
Tyson Dyck(DH)
Connor Russell(SP)

2nd Team All Conference
Jeremy Harasymchuk(C)
Cody Pendergast(SS)

Most Wins Season - Jeremy Harasymchuk (5)
Most Strikeouts Season - Connor Russell (46)
Most Team Hits Season - VIBI (199)

2013 VI Baseball Institute Awards

M.V.P. – Cody Andreychuk
Top Pitcher – Connor Russell
Top Hitter – Darren Kolk
Top Defence – Darren Kolk
Rookie of the Year – Tyson Dyck
Most Improved Player – Jackson McCuaig
Leadership and Hustle Award – Reiley Grose                                                                                                               

2013 CCBC All Conference Teams

1st Team All Conference
Darren Kolk (CF)

2nd Team All Conference
Connor Russell (SP) 
Cody Andreychuk (LF)                    

Most Strikeouts Season - Connor Russell (48)
Most Team Strikeouts - VIBI (191)


2012 VI Baseball Institute Awards

M.V.P.-  Connor Russell
Top Pitcher-  Connor Russell
Top Offence-  Cody Andreychuk
Top Defence-  Jeremy Harasymchuk
Rookie of the Year-  Luke Hawkins
Most Improved Player-  Dallas Monk
Leadership and Hustle Award-  Cody Phipps

2012 CCBC All-Conference Team
1st Team All Conference
Dallas Monk(SS)
Liam Goodall(RF)
Connor Russell(SP)

2nd Team All Conference
Chad Schultz(2B)
Cody Andreychuk(3B)
Aaron Witzke(LF)
Cody Chartrand(SP)

Most Strikeouts Season- Connor Russell(57 k)

2011 VI Baseball Institute Awards

Adam Paulencu
Top Pitcher- Taylor MacDonell
Top Offence- Aaron Tyacke
Top Defence- Cody Phipps
Rookie of the Year- Jeremy Harasymchuk
Most Improved Player- Aaron Witzke
Rogers Hustle Award- Blake Robson

2011 CCBC All-Conference Team
1st Team All Conference
Taylor MacDonell
Blake Robson
Evan Olsen

2nd Team All Conference
Adam Paulencu
Jeremy Harasymchuk
Aaron Tyacke
Jordan Romine
Cody Phipps
Aaron Witzke 

Coach of the Year Award: Jordan Blundell, VIBI

2010 VI Baseball Institute Awards


M.V.P - Cody Phipps
Top Pitcher - Myles Ethier
Top Offense - Scott Belinski
Top Defense - Kyle Fagnan
Rookie of the Year - Cody Pendergast
Most Improved Player - Jon Przybyl
Rogers Award - Adam Paulencu


2010 CCBC All-Conference Team


1st Team All-Conference
OF - Cody Phipps
IF - Cody Pendergast
RHP - Myles Ethier


2nd Team All-Conference 

IF - Cole English
UT- Scott Belinski
RHP - Adam Paulencu


2009 VI Baseball Institute Awards

M.V.P - Cole McKaig
Top Pitcher - Adam Paulencu
Top Offense - Cole McKaig
Top Defense - Cody Phipps
Rookie of the Year - Adam Paulencu
Most Improved Player - Corey Wood
Rogers Award - Sawyer Pahl

2009 CCBC All-Conference Team

1st Team All-Conference
Catcher- Cole McKaig
IF- Mike Lenz

2nd Team All-Conference
OF- Cody Phipps
DH- Mark Connolly
P- Chad Price

2008 Mariner Awards

M.V.P.- Scott Hoekstra
Top Pitcher- Myles Ethier
Top Offensive Player- Scott Hoekstra
Top Defensive Player- Corey Smith
Rookie of the Year- Jake Dunbar
Most Improved Player- Blair Cowley
Rogers Award- Andrew Grafton

2008 CCBC All-Conference Team


CCBC 1st Team
C- Scott Hoekstra
IF- Cole McKaig
OF- Brent Wierenga

CCBC 2nd Team
IF- Andrew Grafton
P- Myles Ethier
P- Chad Price

2007 Mariner Awards

M.V.P- Phil Curtis
Top Pitcher- Chad Price
Top Offensive Player- Cole McKaig
Top Defensive Player- Curtis Furber
Rookie of the Year- Rob Alksne
Most Improved Player- Shane Gordon
Rogers Award- Kevin Challoner

2007 All CCBC Tournament Team

3B- Curtis Furber
P- Phil Curtis

2006 Mariner Awards

M.V.P- Ben Cairns
Top Pitcher- Jamie Cameron
Top Offensive- Gord Akerman
Top Defensive- Brent Wierenga
Rookie of the Year- Phil Curtis
Most Improved Player- Jared Roberts
Rogers Award- Tyler Moretti

Player of the week (Oct 17/18)

Finn Martin

Freshman from Nanaimo Finn Martin threw great for the Mariners this weekend, collecting 7 strikeouts while allowing only 2 hits across 5 innings of work.

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Fall trip against OC

(Oct 13, 2018 @ 12:05pm)

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