Please take note of the games you are to work.  If there are conflicts, please trade with another family and let the coordinator know so everyone will know who to expect to work.  A schedule will also be posted in the concession stand that you can check.

Please read the guidelines below to make sure that you know what your responsibilities are.  If you have questions, please contact the coordinator (Nicole Zurcher).   Everyone is responsible to help clean-up!


Concessions:  Please arrive 1 hour prior to game time if you are on the schedule for the first game of the evening. You will be responsible to get everything ready. If you cannot work the day or time you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  Please mark any changes to the schedule in the concessions stand so we know of these changes. A detailed description of responsibilities concerning set-up and clean-up is in the concessions stand. Please do not be late when it is your turn to do this job. Teams begin arriving 45 minutes before game time, we need to be ready to sell concessions as soon as possible. 

Admissions:  Workers for the first game will need to be set up and ready to collect money 45 minutes before game time and stay until the next workers arrive (at the beginning of next game). If you are working the last game of the day, you will need to stay at the table until the end of the first half.  At that time, please put the table away, remove the night's visitor lineup sheet from the extra programs and return any unused programs to the concession stand to be used at a later game.  Make sure your area of the entryway is cleaned up.

Clean up: Everyone will help with clean-up each game.  Our responsibilities include:

  • Sweep and pick up all trash in bleachers.
  • Sweep, empty trash, clean toilets, wipe down countertops and sinks, clean mirrors in bathrooms.
  • Sweep entryway to gym and empty all trash cans and place in dumpster outside.
  • Take down WACHE banner from the score table,gently roll it up and place it in the closet in the locker room
  • Take equipment from score table to locker room
  • Make sure all WACHE balls are in locker room
  • Lights off in the gym

Date Time Opponent Concessions Admissions
11/12/16 1:00 p.m. Fort Wayne Guard (Elem) Gosser, Faller Steiner
  1:45 p.m. Fort Wayne Guard (JH) Wolf, Neff Hitzfield
  2:30 p.m. Fort Wayne Guard (V. Boys) Stoller, Deal Dale
11/14/16 5:30 p.m. Cornerstone Prep (JH) Pfister, Ray Gilbert
  6:15 p.m. Cornerstone Prep (V. Girls) Ballinger, Steiner Gosser
  7:15 p.m. Cornerstone Prep (V. Boys) Aschilman, Dale Schwartz
11/15/16 6:30 p.m. Noblesville Lions (JH) Lock, Hitzfield Neff
  7:00 p.m. Noblesville Lions (V. Boys) Zurcher, Smith Deal
01/07/17 5:30 p.m. Anderson Sons (Elem) Ballinger, Wolf Steiner
  3:45 p.m. Anderson Sons (JH) Neff, Lock Hitzfield
  4:30 p.m. Anderson Sons (V. Boys) Faller, Aschilman Dale
01/13/17 5:30 p.m. KASH (Elem) Smith, Steiner Gosser
  6:15 p.m. KASH (JH) Ray, Gilbert Pfister
  7:00 p.m. KASH (V. Girls) Dale, Gosser Faller
  8:00 p.m. KASH (V. Boys) Schwartz, Aschilman Zurcher
01/27/17 5:30 p.m. Noble-Whitley (Elem) Zurcher, Gosser Smith
  6:15 p.m. Noble-Whitley (JH) Gilbert, Schwartz Ray
  7:00 p.m. Cornerstone (V. Girls) Neff, Wolf Lock
  8:15 p.m. Noble-Whitley (V. Boys) Deal, Pfister Stoller
02/03/17 6:00 p.m. Kings Academy (JH) Ray, Gilbert Faller
  7:15 p.m. Kings Academy (V. Girls) Ballinger, Neff Wolf
  8:00 p.m. Kings Academy (V. Boys) Stoller, Smith Aschilman
02/04/17 5:00 p.m. Warsaw Bees (Elem) Gosser Zurcher
  6:00 p.m. Warsaw Bees (JH) Stoller, Aschilman Smith
02/2017 5:30 p.m. Emanuel Christian (JH) Ballinger, Hitzfield Lock
  6:30 p.m. Emanuel Christian (V. Boys) Dale, Deal Stoller
02/17/17 6:00 p.m. Fort Wayne Hawks (Elem) Zurcher, Steiner Deal
  6:45 p.m. Fort Wayne Hawks (JH) Pfister, Hitzfield Gilbert
  7:30 p.m. Fort Wayne Hawks (V. Girls) Lock, Wolf Ballinger
  8:30 p.m. Fort Wayne Hawks (V. Boys) Faller, Schwartz Ray

Upcoming Games

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