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The WBCBL's mission is to provide highly competitive basketball for women age 20 and older. The competition level ranges from former College players to former NWBL and WNBA players and current  International players.

In addition, the WBCBL has built a networking relationship with professional international basketball scouts and agents to broaden the possibility of higher-level professional jobs being offered.




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Recent Results
Mon Jul 25/16 5:00pm:
North East (IL, KY, MI, OH):
Queen City BBE - Cincinnati 60
Cleveland Crush 69
Sat Jul 23/16 7:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
Flyers Elite 91
St. Louis Surge 76
Sat Jul 23/16 5:00pm:
Carolinas (GA, NC, SC, VA):
Charlotte Invasion 105
Carolina Lady Rush 88
Sat Jul 23/16 3:30pm:
Atlantic (AL, GA, SC):
South Carolina Storm 83
Georgia Soul 96
Sat Jul 23/16 3:00pm:
Gulf South (AL, LA, MS):
Louisiana Bayou Angels 90
Mississippi Dream 79
Sat Jul 23/16 2:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
Flyers Elite 93
Nebraska Strikers 80
Sat Jul 23/16 2:00pm:
Carolinas (GA, NC, SC, VA):
Virginia Lady Warriors 80
Carolina Lady Rush 102
Sat Jul 23/16 1:00pm:
Mid South (AR, LA, OK, TX):
Katy Saints 65
Dallas Crest 69
Sat Jul 23/16 12:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
Iowa Force 74
St. Louis Surge 105
Sat Jul 23/16 12:00pm:
Atlantic (AL, GA, SC):
Capital City Cougars 85
South Carolina Storm 94


1San Antonio Crusaders101001.000-8-0
2St. Louis Surge12102.8331.06-1
T3Charlotte Invasion1192.8181.56-0
T3Conyers Rockets1192.8181.55-0
4Dallas Diesel1082.8002.05-1
5Georgia Soul14113.7861.07-2
T6Carolina Lady Rush1293.7502.05-1
T6Flyers Elite1293.7502.03-2
7Nebraska Strikers1183.7272.54-2
8Louisiana Bayou Angels752.7143.53-0
9Mississippi Dream642.6674.03-1
10Metroplex Skyline532.6004.52-1
11Georgia Stampede1275.5834.03-3
T12Cleveland Crush633.5005.03-1
T12Houston All-Stars211.5005.00-0
T13Gulf Coast Tropics734.4295.52-2
T13Virginia Lady Warriors734.4295.53-0
14South Carolina Storm1257.4176.02-4
15Texas Storm835.3756.02-3
T16Iowa Force1037.3007.01-3
T16Kansas City Majestic1037.3007.01-4
17Capital City Cougars725.2866.51-2
18Winston-Salem Lady Warcats1138.2737.51-3
19Queen City BBE - Cincinnati413.2506.01-0
20Asheville Lady Jaguars615.1677.00-3
21Arkansas Stingers716.1437.50-1
22Dallas Crest1019.1009.01-3
23Beaufort Bisons11110.0919.50-5
T24Calgary Storm101.0005.50-1
T24Missouri Arch Angels10010.00010.00-6
T24Tennessee Lady Hornets505.0007.50-3