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The WBCBL's mission is to provide highly competitive basketball for women age 20 and older. The competition level ranges from former College players to former NWBL and WNBA players and current  International players.

In addition, the WBCBL has built a networking relationship with professional international basketball scouts and agents to broaden the possibility of higher-level professional jobs being offered.




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Recent Results
Sun May 27/18 3:00pm:
Carolinas (GA, NC, SC):
Georgia Stampede -
Beaufort Bison -
Sun May 27/18 1:00pm:
Atlantic (GA, KY SC, TN):
Carolina Lady Rush -
Atlanta Monarchs -
Sat May 26/18 7:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
St. Louis Surge 100
Iowa Force 65
Sat May 26/18 6:00pm:
Atlantic (GA, KY SC, TN):
Carolina Lady Rush 65
Georgia Stampede 57
Sat May 26/18 TBA:
North East (MI, OH):
Detroit Dodgers -
Cleveland Crush -
Sun May 20/18 7:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
St. Louis Surge 80
Midwest Flyers 90
Sat May 19/18 8:30pm:
West Coast (AZ, CA, NV):
Phoenix Lady Elite 1 -
West Coast Lioness -
Sat May 19/18 7:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
Native Dream 66
Iowa Force 106
Sat May 19/18 5:00pm:
Atlantic (GA, KY SC, TN):
Riviera Beach Heatwave 68
Jacksonville Beach Panthers 77
Sat May 19/18 4:00pm:
Atlantic (GA, KY SC, TN):
Georgia Stampede 65
Music City Icons 71


T1Atlanta Monarchs3301.000-1-0
T1Charlotte Invasion3301.000-2-0
T1West Coast Lioness3301.000-1-0
T2Carolina Lady Rush431.7500.52-0
T2Dallas Diesel2201.0000.50-0
T2Virginia Lady Warriors2201.0000.52-0
T3Beaufort Bison321.6671.01-0
T3Cleveland Crush1101.0001.01-0
T3Jacksonville Beach Panthers1101.0001.01-0
T3Las Tuscon Sol1101.0001.00-0
T3Midwest Flyers1101.0001.01-0
T3Orlando Splash321.6671.01-1
T4Baltimore Dynasty000.0001.50-0
T4Conway Bearcats211.5001.50-0
T4DC Blue Stars000.0001.50-0
T4Detroit Dodgers000.0001.50-0
T4Florida Bobcats000.0001.50-0
T4Iowa Force211.5001.51-1
T4Killeen Force211.5001.51-1
T4Music City Icons211.5001.51-1
T4Nebraska Strikers000.0001.50-0
T4Oakland Rise000.0001.50-0
T4Ocala Lightning000.0001.50-0
T4Richmond Flames000.0001.50-0
T4St. Louis Surge211.5001.50-0
T4Toledo Threat211.5001.51-0
T5Dade County Lady Bulls312.3332.00-0
T5Dallas Crest101.0002.00-1
T5Grand Rapids Galaxy101.0002.00-0
T5Jacksonville Reign101.0002.00-1
T5Las Vegas Gems101.0002.00-1
T5Native Dream101.0002.00-0
T5Riviera Beach Heatwave101.0002.00-0
T5San Diego Sprint101.0002.00-1
T5SoCal Splash101.0002.00-0
T5Space Coast Tarheels101.0002.00-0
T5WBCBL Elite101.0002.00-0
T6Baltimore Lions202.0002.50-1
T6Huntersville Lady Hornets202.0002.50-0
T6Phoenix Lady Elite 1202.0002.50-2
7Georgia Stampede303.0003.00-2