Kansas Nuggets Midwest Regional Champs

  Posted July 24, 2012

In a great exciting hard fought game between the Kansas Nuggets and the St. Louis Surge, the Lady Nuggets became the Midwest Regional Champs. The St. Louis Surge lead for 39 minutes and 51 seconds until #40 Dana Olsen for Kansas got a rebound put back with 9 seconds left to go.  After the put b...

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The WBCBL 2012 Season Opens Nationwide This Weekend!

  Posted May 09, 2012

Be sure to catch WBCBL action in your area!...

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Pamela Thomas named Northeast Regional Director

  Posted April 13, 2012

Ms. Pamela Thomas becomes the newest  member to the WBCBL admin family and the new North East Regional Director. Ms. Thomas, a 17-year registered basketball official, comes to us by way of officiating for the past 2 years in the WBCBL. She has officiated 2 Championship Assignments as...

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Baby Cotton

  Posted April 04, 2012

Congratulations to Atlanta BattleCats' 6'4, F/C - Chasity Cotton on the birth of her baby girl "Sevyn Sanaa (aka Baby Cotton)", measuring in at 8.8lbs and 21 inches....

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Columbus Lady Wings Announces Final Tryouts for the 2012 Season

  Posted March 26, 2012

COLUMBUS GA, March 26, 2012:    Columbus Lady Wings Semi-Pro Basketball announces Final Tryouts for its 2012 season.  Tryouts will be held on April 7, 2012 at the Carver Park Recreation Center Gym (a Columbus Parks and Recreation facility, 6665 Hunter Road, Columbus, ...

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St. Louis Surge Raises More Than $5,000 for YMCA Strong Community Campaign

  Posted February 28, 2012

St. Louis, Mo –  Members of the St. Louis Surge Semi-Professional Basketball Team raised $5,145 for the Downtown-Marquette Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) Strong Community Campaign of St. Louis. The St. Louis Surge’s fundraising efforts contributed to the YMCA’s overall fundraising...

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2011 Round Up

  Posted January 01, 2012

October 14, 2011 Flint Monarchs guard Natasha Morris inks a basketball deal overseas September 27, 2011 Freeman gets deal with Polish pro hoops team September 4, 2011 Nikki Teasley – Hoops, Help and Hope August 8, 20...

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Flint Monarchs guard Natasha Morris inks a basketball deal overseas

  Posted October 16, 2011

The Flint Monarchs certainly revitalized Natasha Morris’ basketball career.No player may have benefited more from playing on the women’s semi-professional squad last season than Morris, a former Flint Beecher All-City honoree in 2006. As a rookie, Morris finished the year as the Monarchs’ secon...

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Calisha_Yates - Calisha Yates, from Savannah Lady Warriors, is now overseas in Finland and putting in work!
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Georgia Soul 80
Dallas Diesel 60
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1Georgia Soul18153.833-8-1
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T4Grand Rapids Galaxy13103.7692.56-1
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T6Jacksonville Beach Panthers972.7783.54-2
T6Los Angeles Beauties5501.0003.54-0
T7Baltimore Cougars651.8334.03-1
T7Louisiana Bayou Angels862.7504.04-0
8San Antonio Crusaders752.7144.53-1
T9Conyers Rockets1376.5385.54-3
T9Detroit Dodgers743.5715.53-1
T9Las Tuscon Sol321.6675.50-0
T9Oakland Rise954.5565.51-2
T9Orlando Stars843.5625.52-2
T9Phoenix Lady Elite 1743.5715.52-2
T9Southern California Splash954.5565.52-3
T9Virginia Lady Warriors954.5565.53-2
T10Atlanta Monarchs000.0006.00-0
T10Baltimore Lions000.0006.00-0
T10Killeen Force000.0006.00-0
T10Las Vegas Dimes211.5006.01-0
T10Maryland Queens000.0006.00-0
T10Myrtle Beach Black Pearls000.0006.00-0
T10Native Dream000.0006.00-0
T10West Coast Lioness000.0006.00-0
T11Central Florida Swans312.3336.50-1
T11Cleveland Crush945.4446.51-2
T11Ocala Bobcats523.4006.52-1
T11Toledo Threat945.4446.52-3
T12Dallas Crest413.2507.00-1
T12Gulf Coast Tropics624.3337.01-1
T12Questlife Legacy202.0007.00-0
T12Texas Storm835.3757.03-3
T13Kansas City Majestic303.0007.50-2
T13Long Island Wave303.0007.50-0
T13South Carolina Storm1358.3857.53-3
T14Alabama Reign826.2508.02-1
T14Beaufort Bisons1037.3008.01-3
T14D.M.V. Bucks615.1678.01-2
T14Iowa Force404.0008.00-2
T14Jacksonville Tigers715.2148.01-2
T14Music City Icons615.1678.00-0
15Garland Hoyas707.0009.50-2
16Capital City Cougars808.00010.00-4
T17Louisville Fillies909.00010.50-4
T17San Diego Sprint11110.09110.51-4
T17Winston-Salem Lady Warcats11110.09110.51-4