Nikki Teasley – Hoops, Help and Hope

  Posted September 04, 2011

By Julia M. Coleman (  Nikki Teasley - photo by Julia Coleman ORLANDO, Fla - By her own admission, two-time WNBA All-Star Nikki Teasley is “living the dream”. Happily married to Orlando, Florida native, Joshua Houston,...

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Rock County repeats as National Champin WBCBL Tourney

  Posted August 09, 2011

By Jim Franz ...

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Lowcountry Fire stumble in Semifinals

  Posted August 08, 2011

ATLANTA -- The Charleston Lowcountry Fire's bid for a national championship in women's basketball fell short Sunday when it lost in the semifinals....

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Lowcountry Fire reaches National Semifinals

  Posted August 07, 2011

Atlanta, GA...

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Flint Monarchs fall to Louisiana Bayou Angels in opening round of WBCBL National Tournament

  Posted August 07, 2011

ATLANTA, Ga. — The Flint Monarchs left the city last week with high hopes.Unfortunately the Louisiana Bayou Angels spoiled their aspirations. Flint fell to Louisiana 78-70 in the opening round of the WBCBL national tournament at Oglethorpe University in “Hotlanta” this past Saturday. ...

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Tallahassee Lady Thunder In A National Tournament

  Posted August 05, 2011

Semipro Tournament Held This Weekend in Atlanta In just their second year as a team, The Tallahassee Lady Thunder has been invited to the Women's Blue Chip Basketball National Championship this weekend in Atlanta. Posted: 7:29 PM Aug 5, 2011 Reporter: Jaso...

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Northeast Regional Tournament Review

  Posted July 27, 2011

The Northeast Regional Tournament offered nothing less than a prominent display of some of the best women’s basketball in this part of the country.  The Detroit Blackhawks squared off with the Cleveland Crush in a “down to the wire” quarterfinal meet.   Four Blackhawks scored in ...

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T15Native Dream404.0007.00-2
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T16Jacksonville Reign716.1437.50-4
T16San Diego Sprint505.0007.50-3
T16Toledo Threat716.1437.51-3
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